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Roshambo Supports GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge Winners for World Down Syndrome Day

Looking for a great family activity this month? GiGi’s Playhouses nationwide will be hosting GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenges from World Down Syndrome Day (March 21) through June 12, 2022.

Every playhouse from the GiGi’s Network will be hosting their very own Acceptance Challenge event, consisting of a 5K run, 1 mile walk for acceptance, and children’s dash for Down syndrome. Roshambo Eyewear will be providing $100 gift cards for winners at a few of the locations, and with over 50 locations nationwide you can find a GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge near you too!

"We are going to Step to Accept because we believe in GiGi's Playhouse and its mission of global acceptance for all. People who are different don’t get to shed that “differentness” at the end of the day. They struggle constantly for acceptance. GiGi’s has a vision of a world—not that far away—that is accepting of everyone. All our differences, all our “otherness,” and all our unique abilities will be accepted and encouraged. That’s what we’re really working toward," said Jessi Korpi, Team Captain, "Adventures with Adilene" of GiGi's Playhouse Canton.

GiGiFIT Programs 

GiGiFIT programs combine physical therapy with a strong fitness focus and an ultimate goal of success and improved movement. GiGiFIT was created in collaboration with skilled Physical Therapists who work specifically with individuals with Down syndrome. The GiGiFIT programs are designed to address common issues for individuals with Down syndrome including hypotonia, excessive joint laxity, and decreased balance. 

Every GiGiFIT program is safe, effective, and progressive. GiGiFIT helps participants build strength, endurance, power, joint stability, balance, and movement control. GiGiFIT empowers participants to be more independent and confident in their abilities while improving their overall health and wellness. 

GiGiFIT’s program curriculum may be geared towards individuals with Down syndrome, but its mission goes beyond that. GiGIFIT is meant to instill pride and confidence into all people through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices. 

About GiGi's Playhouse Programs

Programs at GiGi’s Playhouse offer foundational learning opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome, their families and the community.

GiGi’s Playhouse programs are a place for parents/caregivers to share ideas and network with one another. We invite caregivers to communicate their needs, questions and concerns with one another, and promote connections to be made in support of each other. GiGi’s programs embrace the family and help aid the development of a healthy, successful relationship between parents, individuals with Down syndrome and siblings.

“All of our programs are 100% free to families because we never want cost to be a barrier,” says GiGi's Playhouse Canton Site Manager, Megan Vance.

GiGi’s Playhouse programs support families in developing high expectations for their son or daughter with Down syndrome. Many families are blindsided by a diagnosis of Down syndrome in pregnancy or at birth. GiGi’s programs aim to help parents overcome the diagnosis and maintain high expectations for their child to achieve success in social, educational and employment opportunities in the future. Our staff and volunteers support parents in maintaining high expectations, even through challenging periods of time. By encouraging their child to follow routines and participate fully, parents take a big step in recognizing their child’s potential.

About GiGi's Playhouse

With over 50+ brick and mortar locations across the United States and Mexico and 200 inquiries to start new locations all over the world, GiGi’s Playhouse is the only network of Down Syndrome Achievement Centers. Every day, we provide FREE, life-changing therapeutic, educational, and career training programs for 80,000+ children and adults with Down syndrome, their families, and their communities. 

Down syndrome is the largest chromosomal disability in our country and yet, it is the least funded. From a prenatal diagnosis to career skills, we make a lifetime commitment to remain by their side. Families are empowered with all the tools their child needs to succeed! 

"What I like best about GiGi’s Playhouse programs is that I get to meet new people and gain friendships I didn’t realize I needed!" said Cyd Devore, member of Gigi's Playhouse Canton and customer of Roshambo Shades. "Attending GiGi's programs forces me to take a break from the hectic daily schedule and catch up with other moms who go through the same struggles. We compare notes, we give each other tips/ suggestions on different methods to try with our kids, etc. We bond, we laugh, we cry and most of all, we encourage and celebrate our kids’ wins!"

About Roshambo Eyewear

Our charitable support mission is to donate a portion of every sale to children's charity! In 2022, we will be expanding our charitable donations to include a variety of other children's focused non-profits, notably Gigi's Playhouse (down syndrome) and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (childhood cancer), in addition to our historical partner, Surfers Healing (autism).

Roshambo Eyewear is excited to be a contributing partner of GiGi's Playhouse nationwide. In it's new program, Roshambo will be donating 10% of all sales generated by GiGi's Playhouse facilities and members back to the non-profit every month. In addition to the donation, Roshambo will also be offering a 20% discount to GiGi's Playhouse members in support of their families and children needing prescription eyewear. GiGi's Playhouse programs are 100% free to families and is a 99% volunteer-run organization! *Please contact your local chapter to learn more about this discount available to your family.

Our charitable support mission is to donate a portion of every sale to children's charity! Learn more about the various children's charities we partner with and donate to annually.

Roshambo Prescription Glasses

We know first hand how expensive glasses can be with kids, breakable frames just won’t do! That’s why we’ve lowered our starting price to $69 (that's only $55 with your GiGi's Playhouse discount!) to make our prescription glasses affordable for all families. Every pair of prescription glasses come with a carrying case, head strap & ear adjusters, polishing sleeve, and free shipping! Not to mention that we also offer a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use. 

Roshambo prescription glasses are perfect for active kids on-the-go or as an affordable backup pair. We know that kids are going to be rough with their glasses, and they're going to try and stretch them or toss them around. These frames can take it! 

Because the frames are so bendable and flexible, you can easily swap out the prescription lenses and put them into another frame color. Your child is going to love having the option to match their outfits (we have 20 colors to choose from)!

"We love our Roshambo glasses and have been using them for years!" said Jade Woodard, member of GiGi's Playhouse Canton and customer of Roshambo Shades. "Kasen has 4 pairs of frame colors, and my husband and I both have a pair of sunglasses. I brag to everyone about them, especially to those in our Down syndrome community. Roshambo glasses are so much better than the other brands we have tried that lose their shape and press up against Kasen's eyelashes and then he can't blink!"


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