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Surfers Healing for Autism & Roshambo Eyewear Partnership

Roshambo Eyewear is excited to be a contributing partner of Surfers Healing. Surfers Healing's mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing. They take kids with autism and their families out for a day of surfing and confidence building... it's all about what these kids can do, not what they can't! You can learn more about them at

The owner of Roshambo has autism in his family, so giving back to our community will always will be a pillar of our business! For the past 7 years, Roshambo has donated a portion of all sales to the non-profit, and will continue to grow out it's support of a variety of children's charities. Roshambo also provides a 20% discount to Surfers Healing members in support of their families and children needing prescription eyewear

Our charitable support mission is to donate a portion of every sale to children's charity! Learn more about the various children's charities we partner with and donate to annually.

Roshambo Prescription Glasses

We know first hand how expensive glasses can be with kids, breakable frames just won’t do! That’s why we’ve lowered our starting price to $69 (that's only $55 with your Surfers Healing discount!) to make our prescription glasses affordable for all families. Every pair of prescription glasses come with a carrying case, head strap & ear adjusters, polishing sleeve, and free shipping! Not to mention that we also offer a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use. 

Roshambo prescription glasses are perfect for active kids on-the-go or as an affordable backup pair. We know that kids are going to be rough with their glasses, and they're going to try and stretch them or toss them around. These frames can take it! 

Because the frames are so bendable and flexible, you can easily swap out the prescription lenses and put them into another frame color. Your child is going to love having the option to match their outfits (we have 20 colors to choose from)!

"Roshambo is what we needed! We have ordered glasses for my entire family but needed them especially for my child with Down syndrome/Autism. He was breaking his regular glasses within a week of getting them but with Roshambo, they last a loooooong time! He loves to shake his glasses and they take the beating very well! If you are looking for glasses for your special needs kiddo, this is the place to get them! Worth every penny!!!" - Sand C.

Free Home Try On Kits

You can try our unbreakable frames on at home for FREE to make sure they are the perfect fit before you buy your prescription glasses! You can choose from our kids pack, adult pack or all 5 sizes for an at-home, no obligation free trial of our prescription frames

You also might be able to get insurance reimbursement or use your HSA/FSA account to pay for your prescription glasses. Double check with your carrier before purchasing your prescription to get the details! 

"My 14 y/o son with Autism has been wearing glasses on and off since age 1. He hates glasses and has even flushed 3 pairs down the toilet, expensive! This is the first pair he wants to wear and the fit suits his sensory needs. Excellent job, excellent product, excellent price and service too. Thank you for turning our battle into a win!” - Nicole D.

About Surfers Healing

Surfers Healing's mission is to enrich the lives of people living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.

Though we serve thousands, that mission exists because of one child. Israel and Danielle Paskowitz founded Surfers Healing because of their son, Isaiah. Isaiah has autism, and when he struggled with meltdowns and sensory overload, riding the waves with his father calmed him like nothing else.

Not everyone has a championship surfer for a Dad (bummer!), so the Paskowitz family invited others to join them at the beach. Their idea caught on, and now we're a nationwide, grassroots non-profit organization. We're the original surf camp for children with autism, and we offer all our events free of charge.

Yet even though we had 6000+ participants at our surf camps last year – and even though autism now affects 1 in 68 US children – we don't think in thousands. We think in ones, because that's where we can effect change. One child. One family. One day at the beach.

On the surface, our contribution seems simple: each year, our volunteer-staffed camps give over 4,500 children with autism and their families a fun, engaging day at the beach.

But go deeper, and you'll see that a quiet revolution is taking place. Through the simple act of riding waves together, we're defying the status quo.

When we help kids get up on a board, we're challenging preconceived notions of capability. When we encourage participants to dive in, we're empowering them to engage with the world. And when we ride the waves together, we're affirming that every person is a gift.

After 25+ years of taking kids out on the water, we're still amazed by the transformative power of the experience.

Many children with autism struggle with sensory overload; in other words, simple sensations can overwhelm them. The weightlessness and rhythms of the ocean offer a therapeutic experience, a respite from the constant assault on their senses.

Surfers Healing is the original surf camp for children with autism, and we've been serving the community since 1996. Yet what we offer isn't a 'cure', or even 'traditional' therapy. It's a completely different sensation and environment for our participants. We give individuals a chance to encounter the waves, to challenge themselves, to try something new. And since 1 in every 68 US children has an ASD (CDC report, March 2014), our work is more vital than ever.

Our biggest challenge? Getting kids to come out of the water! Once they ride with us, they don't want to stop.

Attending our camps positively impacts children with autism; the experience helps instill confidence and calm. Yet over the years we've seen that Surfers Healing also has a profound impact on parents. Autism parents are always hearing about what their children cannot do. But at a Surfers Healing camp, it's all about what their kids can do.

In the words of one volunteer, “For parents to see their kid up on a surfboard … sometimes, it's nothing less than a miracle.”

About Roshambo Eyewear

Roshambo Eyewear is family owned and operated by San Diego family Scott, Julia, and their little girls Avery and Chloe. Starting in 2012 as a response to needs within their own family, Roshambo prides themselves on making sunglasses and direct-to-consumer prescription eyewear for children that are safe, durable, and flexible, but at a budget-friendly price. They have now grown to five sizes of frames from baby to adult so the whole family can match.

Lack of quality in kids eyewear was the biggest motivator in creating their own line. To address this, they make their frames in Italy, assemble them in house in San Diego, use polarized lenses as a standard, and created a proprietary, toxin-free, kid safe material that is virtually unbreakable.

Their company name is a reference to the children’s game “rock, paper, scissors” also called “ro•sham•bo,” which is used as a teaching tool for children with autism. With autism present in their own family, giving back to their community is an important pillar of their business.

In addition to donations to Alex's Lemonade Stand, Surfers Healing, Gigi's Playhouse and numerous other charities and non-profits, Roshambo is also a part of the Zappos Adaptive Network. Zappos Adaptive caters to the needs of people who have challenges getting dressed every day with a range of "adaptive" clothing and shoes. The items featured in the Zappos Adaptive line are designed for people with a range of conditions including autism, diabetes and mobility issues.

“No glasses have ever held up for a year against one of my five year old twins. To say that the boys are wild tornadoes is an epic understatement. I’m impressed that they held up this long, and I appreciate the replacement warranty you offer. My boys having sensory seeking needs and are a lot to handle. I was terrified once Garrett needed glasses because I couldn’t figure out how he wasn’t going to break a pair weekly and/or hurt himself or his eyes with the plastic. Your frames really changed things for the best for us and my worry levels! Off to purchase a second pair because we need the sun protection of transition lenses since we are outside so much during the summer at the beach. Thanks again!” Anne K.


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