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Congratulations! You're the proud owner of a pair of Roshambo glasses. Now we're going to tell you the secrets of our unbreakable, bendable frames and how to care for them...

I'm scared to break them! Are they really unbreakable?

Our frames are a soft rubbery material like silicone but sturdier, to keep a better shape and hold in your lenses. Our secret blend is free of all the nasty stuff (BPA, phthalate, lead, latex, etc.), that's why we make them in Italy instead of China! And because they're so flexible and bendable, it's almost virtually impossible to break them. So bend away and enjoy your sunnies! 

How do I pop in my new replacement lenses?

If you happen to lose or scratch a lens, we offer FREE replacement lenses on our website, just use the secret code on the postcard we gave you with your order. shhh... don't tell anyone :) Putting in your new lenses is easy! First pop out your old lenses by pushing from the back of the lens and bend the frames a little if needed. Then to put in your new lenses, start from the front outer edge by the temple and work your way towards the bridge of your glasses. Again, you can stretch the frames a little to pop them in.


How do I use my Bendees Arm Attachments?

Roshambo Eyewear’s Bendees line of Italian made flexible prescription glasses feature our incredible interchangeable temple arm attachments and soft head strap to customize the fit for your baby or toddler. You can change between our three attachments in seconds with no tools! Two sizes of temple pieces with adjustable felt headband or traditional behind the ears arms when you want them allow you to adapt to your baby’s needs - no tools required, snap in snap out, with no metal parts! The best alternative to Miraflex frames.


My frames are stretched out. How do I reshape them?

Here is our trick! We recommend heating the frames in really hot water for a few minutes, then removing them and bending them back into the appropriate shape while the material is a bit more pliable and letting them cool that way. To bend them back in shape, set the shades on a flat surface like a table or counter: you will probably notice one side or the other is raised slightly off the table while the other is resting on it. All you have to do is give them a little bend back until they sit flat on the surface. Super easy! If that is not enough to make them comfortably wearable, please let us know! 


How do I form my frames to fit better?

Our frames are slightly malleable in nature, so stretching can occur if bent for prolonged periods. You can easily bend the bridge, arms and ear pieces to adjust your fit to be a little tighter or looser. Don't worry about bending the shades any way that makes them a better fit, that's part of the value of them, you can't hurt them! 


How do I swap my prescriptions lenses in other frame colors?

Our material is pretty darn unique in the optometry industry. Because it is so flexible and durable, with a little effort twisting at the right angle, you can pop out your new prescription lens pretty easily and put it into one of our other frames! Don't worry, you won't hurt the lens or the frames. Order as many frame colors you want (in the same size!) for as little as $20 and you can have a pair of glasses for every outfit or mood! So fun and unique!  

How do I use the ear adjusters and head strap?

Our shades strap and ear adjuster kit comes with two options to get the perfect fit for your child’s sunglasses! The head strap and ear adjusters are both made with a comfy, stretchy, light, and easily detachable food grade clear silicone material that is perfect for baby, toddler and junior size sunglasses and glasses frames.

The head strap will help keep sunglasses and prescription glasses on your child’s face to prevent losing them or sliding off during playtime. Our kids' ear adjuster pieces help create a better fit on infants or toddlers growing into a larger size.  


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