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The Perfect Outdoor Adventure Sunglasses

Guest Blog by The Gallimore Family

As summer is approaching, and the sun starts to appear more frequently, our sunglasses start to come back out of hiding during the gray months of winter here in the PNW. We are the Gallimore Family and we spend our free time exploring our favorite outdoor adventure spots in Washington State. Last year, we checked off one bucket list Washington hike every month. We packed our Roshambo sunglasses on every adventure, because you never know when the sun might pop out in the PNW.  When our son was born, we went on the hunt for sunglasses that would stand up to our adventures. We wanted something that would fit well and would possibly stay on our baby! Our hunt brought us to Roshambo and we have been loving their shades ever since we started adventuring with our son at 6 months old.

Our favorite details about Roshambo shades that make them perfect for outdoor adventures:

  • Block 99 – 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This is so important for eye health and the amount of time we spend outside in the sun!

  • Basically, unbreakable or “playground-proof”. If you have ever seen a toddler put on and take off sunglasses - you want them to be bendable and not break

  • Eventually, we wanted to involve our son to pick out his own sunglasses. He picked out a lovely blue color for his toddler shades. You can also get extra color frames and switch out the lenses. If you have a toddler- you know how important choices are to making getting out the door go smoothly. 

  • The case and carabiner clip are magical. The case hangs from our backpacks and our toddler loves to zip the case open finding his sunnies inside! 

  • And secretly, we wanted some for ourselves that matched our son’s. I have the adult RX sunglasses and I have never loved a pair of sunglasses more!

One more reason why we love Roshambo… they also have available blue light blocker lenses. We have no shame in our screen time game. We try and balance outdoor time, screen time and play time. Our son has been wearing the Blippi screen time glasses for 2 months and loves them. He asks for his orange glasses every time he gets screen time now and we feel even better about letting him have screen time. The blue blocker lenses are clear so they don’t interfere with our son’s vision inside. And as an added bonus, our son is a fan of Blippi, and Roshambo is the official carrier of orange Blippi sunglasses and screen time lenses! 

If you want to know more about our adventures and how we use our Roshambo shades, follow along on Instagram at


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