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Everything You Need to Know About Bendable Frames for Your Kids

Flexible eyeglasses are lightweight and durable glasses that are perfect for kids. Flexible eyeglass frames are made with a unique metal that’s designed to feel lighter on the face and last longer than traditional frames. Kids can get rough with their things, and eyeglasses are no exception. But flexible frames make all the difference, and here's why.

A kid wearing Roshambo Glasses while Bending a paid of Roshambo kids glasses

What are Bendable Frames?

Bendable frames come in a few different styles, some are metal frames with a bendable wire inside, but we recommend rubber based frames as the most practical solution for every day use, particularly when kids are involved! At Roshambo Eyewear, our founders tackled the problem of breakable frames head on when they could not find what they were looking for on the market. They went to Italy to manufacture their custom proprietary blended rubber-based material to ensure the highest quality possible. The unique frames literally bend in half without breaking and retain whatever shape the wearer needs for fit and comfort. 

The frames are certified safe for babies and kids: toxicant, heavy metal, and common allergen free as well as small parts certified. They are virtually indestructible, so light they can float, and come in five sizes for the entire family. Two styles are currently available, but more are debuting in early 2023!

The best part: Roshambo can process your prescription glasses for you and send them right to your front door in a couple days for less than $80!

Who Should Wear Bendable Frames?

While there’s no such thing as truly unbreakable frames, bendable frames come as close as possible after normal wear and tear. They’re more likely to withstand the accidents, drops, and other rough incidents that are commonly seen in children and adults with active lifestyles. They’re especially ideal for children who tend to get rough with their glasses or misplace them altogether.  

Bendable frames are designed for anyone concerned about breaking their glasses or frames. The metal used to make these frames has significantly higher strength and elasticity than traditional frames, allowing them to be tossed around freely without worry. When you have bendable frames, you can rest assured that they won’t break if you sit on them, sleep on them, or drop them. Furthermore, glasses tend to take the shape of the wearer’s face and can get bent over time. Bendable frames allow the wearer to easily fit them back to their face, without having to take them in.

The Benefits of Bendable Frames

Bendable frames come with many benefits that make them a perfect choice for parents who need an unbreakable frame option for their child.

  • Reduced pressure on the skin and bridge of the nose thanks to the memory metal materials they’re made with, which are inherently lighter than traditional metal materials. This also means that the frames can be worn for much longer without being bothersome.

  • The frame can be constantly adjusted to the wearer’s needs. No need to bring them to an optometrist for an adjustment.

  • Comparatively strong stability thanks to the frame’s bending ability, which can be easily restored to its original state.

  • High temperature and corrosion resistance, which make them naturally hypoallergenic.

  • Corrosion resistance makes them ideal for people who live, work, or play sports in various outdoor weather conditions (although for safety purposes it makes sense to get special frames/goggles for contact sports).



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