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Why Should You Invest in Flexible Frames?

Roshambo has fun, comfortable, durable glasses for all kids

Are you constantly worried about you (or your child) breaking or damaging your (or their) eyeglasses? Have no fear – today, flexible frames are all the rage. Here's why they live up to the hype and why you should consider getting a pair.

What Are Flexible Frames?

Flexible frames are innovative eyeglass frames that are made of metal but can be bent, twisted, and crushed without losing their shape or breaking. These sustainable frames are made of metal alloys (usually titanium) and high-tech composite materials. While flexible frames aren’t guaranteed to last forever, they can withstand more abuse than traditional metal eyeglass frames due to their incredible durability and lightweight design.

Flexible frames are primarily flexible in the nose bridge and temple shaft. They’re often designed with some non-flexible parts to help them fit on the face correctly. For example, the tips of the temples and arms on the nose pad are usually not made with the same flexible material as the nose bridge and temple shaft. However, most designer eyewear brands are made with spring hinges on the frames to add to the flexibility of their glasses.

Roshambo has super-durable flexible glasses for kids

Why Wear Flexible Frames?

There are many reasons to choose flexible frames. Here are some of the most common ones.

Active Lifestyle

These frames are ideal for people with active lifestyles. Anyone who has ever worried about breaking the bridge or bending the legs of their glasses, snapping the frames, or damaging their eyeglasses should consider wearing flexible frames. The fact that they can rebound from most physical abuse also makes them an ideal option for children's eyewear.

Easy to Wear

When it comes to glasses, no material is easier to wear than memory metal in flexible frames. From strength to flexibility and fit to finish, these eyeglasses dominate in an optical industry that’s full of superb innovations.

Superior Fit

Flexible frames are made of the most flexible metal material that contours the temple to the ear forever and never stretches out or loses its frontal face plain due to an over-stressed bridge. These eyeglass frames provide a superior fit that remains unmatched in the industry, making all the difference for those who wear them.

Kids sunglasses that bend

Durability and Comfort

Flexible frames are the most durable option compared to other types of eyeglass frame materials. One of the main reasons behind their skyrocketing popularity is due to the level of comfort and freedom they provide eyeglass wearers. With flexible frames, there’s no need to worry about replacing them if you accidentally sit on your glasses, drop them, or fall asleep with them on.

Once all of the above are considered, the decision to go the flexible route becomes a no-brainer. Not only will they feel and look better, but they are also a significantly more cost-effective option, as things that last need to be replaced less frequently of course. And for a combination of flexible stylish sunglasses that feature polarized lenses, check out Roshambo Eyewear, made in Italy with sustainable materials that are friendly for the planet and your eyes.


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