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Can Sunglasses Harm My Child’s Eyesight?

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There are many misconceptions regarding sunglasses for children, one of which is that sunglasses can harm a child’s eyesight. The truth is that sunglasses are not only safe for children but also a necessity.

To put it simply, sunglasses are good for protecting eyesight if the lenses block UV and the glasses are worn correctly, with the nose bridge touching your face. Sunglasses are only bad for your eyes if they aren’t made to block UV rays or aren’t worn correctly. Let’s dive in.

How do Sunglasses Protect the Eyes?

Pupils dilate when eyes adapt to dim light, or you’re wearing dark sunglasses. The dilation creates a larger area for UV radiation to access the eye. If sunglass lenses are simply colored and not designed to block UV rays, your eyes can still be damaged. Moreover, they can actually be damaged even more than if you wore no glasses at all, because your dilated pupils will let in more UV rays than they otherwise would. And while eyes filter most UV rays, they aren’t capable of filtering them all, so anything limiting UV exposure alleviates risk. Sunglasses protect your eyes as well as the skin around them.

How sunglasses protect from sunrays

Sunglasses Are an Essential Accessory for Kids

Sunglasses are more than just a fun accessory. They’re designed to help protect kids’ sensitive eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted from the sun.

Children’s eyes are still in very early stages of development and can’t filter out as many UV rays as adults. Since UV rays are a leading cause of skin and eye damage and children tend to be exposed to the sun more often throughout the year than adults, they are at higher risk.

Sunglasses are designed to protect the skin around the eyes and the eyeball itself. During summer, it’s advised that parents always bring along a pair of sunglasses, sunscreen, and a hat when they take their kids out.

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for Kids

Consider the following tips when choosing sunglasses for your child or baby.

UV Protection

UV protection is the number one thing to consider. Without appropriate UV protection, a pair of sunglasses is a mere accessory, or worse. If your child wears prescription eyeglasses, you can get them a pair of prescription sunglasses or photochromic lenses that darken into sunglasses when exposed to UV rays. Roshambo Eyewear only makes lenses blocking 100% UVA/B/C protection, plus we offer incredibly affordable prescription glasses sent right to your door in clear, sunglasses, and transition glasses in our incredible flexible, rubber based frames.


Kids are active, so choosing sunglasses made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and ones with scratch-proof lenses is also important. The frames should also be flexible and bendable, thus making them durable. These features will save you from having to cover an expensive mistake later on. Roshambo Eyewear is the original and still the best flexible, Italian made, ultra light kids sunglasses.

Roshambo has sunglasses that are cool and super-flexible

When Should Children Wear Sunglasses?

Children should start wearing sunglasses as soon as they’re old enough to go outside. Anytime a child is outdoors for a significant period, they should wear a protective pair of sunglasses. This is imperative if they’re involved in outdoor activities under direct sunlight, and will be endlessly beneficial to them in the long run. We founded Roshambo Eyewear based on the idea that the littlest kids needed high quality, flexible, lightweight sunglasses. We originally focused on babies and kids because we learned that over 50% of lifetime UV damage done to your eyes can occur before the age of 10. It makes sense: you are outside more, usually with less UV protection (sunglasses!) than when you are an adult, plus cornea (the part of your eye that is a natural UV blocker) is undeveloped until you are an adult. Sure, babies in sunglasses are super cute, but it’s also important to start UV protection as soon as possible!


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