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Zappos Adaptive Partners with Roshambo Baby: Products to Make Life Easier

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with Zappos AdaptiveWe are honored to be a part of such an amazing group of products designed to make life easier for those who have special needs or challenges getting dressed.

Zappos Adaptive caters to the needs of people who have challenges getting dressed every day with a range of "adaptive" clothing and shoes. The items featured in the Zappos Adaptive line are designed for people with a range of conditions including autism, diabetes and mobility issues. Within the range are brands including 4Ward, Independence Day, PBS Kids, Under Armour, Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive, and now ro•sham•bo baby!

We also partnered with PBS Kids to launch a new line of Arthur-inspired sunglasses featuring your favorite characters from the popular PBS KIDS series, Arthur!

Zappos Adaptive Story

In 2017 launched Zappos Adaptive, a curated collection of functional and fashionable products designed to make life easier for those who have challenges getting dressed.

This new line of clothing and accessories started as a result of a simple customer request. The customer was searching for shoes to meet the needs of her grandson, who is on the autism spectrum. The call sparked the idea of creating a solution to meet the needs of customers with a range of disabilities.

Zappos Adaptive works with companies that offer functional and fashionable products designed to make life easier for their customers. 

ro•sham•bo baby Story

As you may know, a portion of all of our sales go to Surfers Healing, a California charity that takes spectrum kids and their families out for a day of surfing and confidence building. We also have autism in our family, so this has been and always will be a pillar of our business!

Our name is also a reference to the nostalgic game we all grew up playing (aka "rock, paper, scissors"). It also pays tribute to our mission to support autism. Special education teachers have told us that playing ro•sham•bo with children with autism can be a valuable teaching tool when kids need quiet attention.

When Zappos Adaptive approached us they had heard about our unbreakable sunglasses and prescription frames designed for kids, and thought that they aligned perfectly with their other products they offer.

Some product examples include:

  • reversible & tagless clothing 

  • easy on/off shoes 

  • sensory friendly clothing

  • magnetic closures

  • post-surgical wear

  • ziperless, button-free pants

  • unbreakable sunglasses

Dante and Luzi Photos

We want to thank Dante and Luzi and the awesome team at Zappos Adaptive for the adorable photos they took with our sunnies for the Summer Photo Shoot! We love the pictures and look forward to seeing more down the road.

Model: Luzi @missluziintheskye

Model: Dante @littlepeopleofamerica

Stylist: Stephanie Thomas @disabilityfashionstylist 

Stylist Assistant: Derek Flores @genetikderek

Photographer: Brad Swonetz @swonetz

Photo Assistant: Sammy Tillery @sammytilleryphoto

Hair/Makeup: @prettybypower

Sunglasses: @roshambobaby



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