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Why Sunglasses Are So Important for Your Little One’s Tiny Eyes and How Roshambo Can Help

why sunglasses are so important for your little one's tiny eyes and how roshambo can help

We know what you’re thinking right now; there isn’t much that is cuter than a baby in tiny sunglasses and a thick snowsuit. But did you know it’s really important to put sunglasses on your child starting at a young age?

It’s true, but allow us to explain why. Your child should start wearing sunglasses as early as six months old, but they should also be shielded from the sun prior to that as well.

why sunglasses are so important for your little one's tiny eyes and how roshambo can help

According to the Child & Family Eye Care clinic, putting sunglasses on a baby six months and older is necessary because an “infant’s eyes are still developing and are more sensitive to UV ray damage than an adult’s eyes.” Additionally, sunglasses will not only protect your child’s developing eyes but also their eyelids.

As the clinic further explains, your child’s “eyelids are still tender and vulnerable to painful sunburns.” Sunglasses, like this pair from Roshambo help prevent those possible sunburns.

So what do you need to know when choosing a pair of sunglasses for your little one? As the Child & Family Eye Care clinic reports, there are a few things you should consider; do the sunglasses have 100% protection against UVA and UVB? Are the sunglasses made out of bendable material that does not break? And are they designed to wrap around your child’s head so that the glasses won’t slide off?

And there is one very cool company that checks all of these boxes—Roshambo!

why sunglasses are so important for your little one's tiny eyes and how roshambo can help

Roshambo was started by parents Scott and Julia. The proud parents of two first came up with the idea to design sunglasses for babies and children “while at a Padres baseball game with a four-month-old staring up at the bright sun with no protection.” As Roshambo writes on their website, “Scott put his adult sunglasses on her and lightning struck: Little People Deserve Big People Shades.

All of Roshambo’s styles are adorable and made with lenses that offer complete protection and of bendable material that won’t break! So if you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer this holiday season or a baby shower gift for someone special in your life, consider Roshambo!

Read the original article on Mamas Uncut:

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