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When Should I Get Screen Time Glasses for My Kid?

Roshambo glasses protect eyes from screen time activities

Kids are spending more time than ever staring at digital screens. From computers and tablets to TVs, smartphones, and other devices, all the screen time can take a toll on a child’s well-being, especially their eyes.

What is Blue Light?

There are two types of blue light: natural and artificial. Natural blue light comes from the sun. The human body uses natural blue light for all kinds of good things, from regulating sleep and wake cycles to elevating mood, boosting alertness, and improving overall feelings of well-being.

On the other hand, artificial blue light comes from fluorescent and LED lights as well as digital screens, including computers, TVs, tablets, and smartphones. Prolonged exposure to artificial blue light causes a whole host of issues in the human body and is particularly dangerous for the eyes.

Roshambo glasses offer protection from computer screen eyestrain

Eye Problems Caused by Screen Time

Here are some of the ways screen time can affect kids’ eyes:

Eye Fatigue

Children with eye fatigue may lose interest in reading and other tasks that may strain the eyes. They may also complain of experiencing headaches, feeling tired, and having eye pain. This, in turn, can lead to educational problems, and everything associated with that.

Dry, Irritated Eyes

Eyes can get dry and irritated after prolonged periods of screen use. This issue can be more prevalent in children who use screens positioned for adult use, for which they may have to look up to see. Of course, any irritation is bothersome, but the eyes in particular can affect a child’s mood. Furthermore, irritation can affect sleep quality, which will of course lead to a whole host of other problems.

Loss of Focus Adjustment

Children can find it challenging to adjust their distance vision after staying focused on a close-up object or screen for long periods. This is generally a short-term issue.


Kids who are on screens are typically indoors. Studies have found that children who spend more time indoors are more likely to develop nearsightedness (myopia).

Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Here are some additional things you can do to help reduce your blue light exposure:

  • Help your child practice good eye habits

  • Invest in AVN lenses, which are also known as screen time glasses or blue light blocking glasses

  • Take frequent breaks from staring at electronic devices

  • Clean your screen – smudge-free, dust-free screens help reduce glare

  • Change digital device background colors from bright white to warmer colors to reduce eye strain

Roshambo glasses protect your child's eyes from screen activities

When to Get Screen Time Glasses for Your Kid

Screen time (blue light blocking) glasses block harmful artificial blue light rays. Kids should use screen time glasses as soon as they’re old enough to start using screens on their own. With features like prescription-quality and AVN lenses, unbreakable frames, blue light blocking protection of over 80%, superior clear vision, and colorful frame options, it’s hard to find a reason not to get screen time glasses for your kid as soon as possible. Lucky for you, Roshambo Eyewear makes some of the highest quality and most affordable blue light glasses on the market! Made in Italy in our famous bendable, flexible rubber frames, and available in 2 styles and tons of fun colors. Get your game on (safely!).


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