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What Happened to Miraflex Frames??

You Might have noticed Miraflex frames are disappearing...

Miraflex frames have been a popular choice for kids and toddlers for many years. These frames were made of a flexible plastic and typically had no metal parts, making them ideal for babies and toddler who were hard on their glasses. The manufacturer of Miraflex recently sold the business to Essilor Luxottica, the largest eyewear conglomerate in the world. For some reason, Luxottica decided to shut down the Miraflex warehouse, effectively ending availability of Miraflex frames. There is no explanation as to why that occurred. Navigating prescription glasses for babies is hard enough for a parent, so where should you turn if you had heard about Miraflex and now can find them?

What is the best alternative to Miraflex for baby glasses?

You are in luck!! Roshambo Eyewear has been making high quality, affordable, online prescription glasses for kids for years now, and we just launched our Miraflex baby glasses alternative we call "Bendees." The line was designed specifically to give parents a Miraflex competitor. The shape is designed for babies and toddlers, ages 0-3. They come in two sizes, and feature a lower nose bridge design that is idea for baby glasses and glasses for kids with special needs.

The best part is the unique interchangeable hinge attachments that lall come included with each pair. Parents can choose between 3 hinge joints to meet their baby's needs: two built in felt strap pieces (a long and short) and a more traditional arm piece. Each piece snaps in and out in seconds with no tools! Just like Miraflex, there is absolutely no metal in the frame, the interchangeable hinges attach via a nifty locking mechanism that is safe for babies but easy for parents to use.

How are Bendees different than Miraflex? 

Roshambo Eyewear took all the good things about Miraflex frames: flexible, rubberized frames (check!), no metal hinges (check!), built in straps (check!), low nose bridge to better fit baby prescription glasses needs (check!), and then add more great stuff. 

Our interchangeable arm mechanism allows for unmatched fit and style options for babies and toddlers of all face shapes. You can use them for every day use, play time, nap time, and anything inbetween. Our strap is a ultra soft premium felt that is both adjustable and incredibly comfortable. No hair pulling or snapping. Our strap is designed with naps in mind. But if you want to go for a more classic look, you can snap on the traditional arms in seconds.


Oh, and they are proudly made in Italy to ensure the highest quality. BPA, lead, latex, cadmium, phthalate, and toxicant free. We inject all frame color right into the material itself, and mold all of our logos in so we can eliminate every bit of unnecessary paint that might end up in baby's mouth. 

The frames can accommodate most kids prescription ranges, and our online ordering system ships right to your door at a fraction of the cost of Miraflex frames processed at an optometrists office. Think of us as Warby Parker for kids! In fact, you can likely get our Bendees frames, with your child's prescription lenses included, delivered to your door for about the cost of what the Miraflex frames alone used to cost, forget the cost for the prescription lenses!!

Bendees prescription glasses are available to order directly online from Roshambo Eyewear, in addition to a variety of other flexible frame styles for kids and adults. Roshambo also offers home try on kits for parents wanting to try on styles and sizes before purchase. The online ordering system is simple and easy to use, and prescription glasses orders usually ship in a few business days.

What do customers say about Roshambo prescription glasses?

Not to brag (ok, we will a little...), but the best part of our day is getting amazing feedback from parents who LOVE our kids prescription glasses service. Our reviews are frankly kind of staggering. Hundreds of 5 star reviews and a repeat customer rate that is honestly unheard of doesn't lie. Once parents find our prescription glasses, they come back for more. It's not just babies glasses, either: Roshambo offers 4 styles of frames in sizes from baby through adult. There is a pair of prescription glasses for everyone in the family! New styles are in development now, including snow goggle prescription inserts, and sports wrap prescription inserts.

“My son has broken every other pair of glasses he's had. We discovered Roshambo in an effort to find something more durable for him, and we are so happy we did! The entire process was easy from the home try on kit to getting the glasses through the mail. He loves his glasses and looks great in them,’ stated Nancy I., a Roshambo Eyewear customer.

"Thank you for what you have created here! We are blessed to have found your company. My son loves his glasses! He has needed glasses for so long, but I just felt defeated with our prior experience. If he got angry or had a tantrum he would immediately go for his glasses and break them. You have created a product that is cost effective and reduces parent stress. I can rest knowing if my son has a tantrum, it will be hard for him to break his glasses and they will last for year. Thank you for your purpose and dedication with your product! We truly appreciate it!!" - Martina G.

We could seriously list hundreds of similar comments here, but you get the idea. 🤓

All flexible Roshambo frames are made in Italy, hypo-allergenic, BPA, lead, latex, and toxicant free. As we mentioned, Bendees are metal free as well, using a unique interlocking clip system to switch the attachments.

“We have had a lot of requests from our customers to create our affordable frames in a frame style similar to Miraflex, and we think we now have the best option on the market when you consider style, functionality, and price. We are looking forward to expanding the line and also offering the frames to optometrists and ophthalmologists nationwide for a fraction of the cost of what families are used to paying for pediatric frames. They are really stinking cute too,” said Scott Morris, Chief Everything Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of Roshambo Eyewear.

About Roshambo Eyewear

Roshambo Eyewear is a family-owned business that provides affordable Italian-made polarized sunglasses, prescription glasses, and screen time glasses. Roshambo frames have a full damage replacement guarantee if the frames break or are damaged (unlikely!). We also offer a free lens replacement guarantee for scratched or lost lenses. Every sunglasses lens we make is polarized, all of our flexible sunglasses and prescription glasses frames are made in Italy, and our sunglasses and prescription glasses are assembled right in our own headquarters in San Diego, California. 

The brand was founded by husband and wife team, Scott and Julia, in 2012, inspired by their first daughter They wanted to offer quality sunglasses for babies and kids that were not made in China from hard plastic and covered in paint. The idea for ultra light (they can float!), rubber-based frame with polarized lenses was born. 10 years later, they have a brand that is on the cusp of being a leader in kids eyewear and online prescription glasses. Despite the success, we are still very much a family company. We are about a 10 person operation, and one of Scott or Julia still sees nearly every customer support question. Scott often jumps in and packs orders when things get busy.

Our company name, ro•sham•bo, is a reference to the nostalgic game we all grew up playing (aka rock, paper, scissors). It also pays tribute to our charitable support mission: special education teachers have told us that playing ro•sham•bo with children with autism can be a valuable teaching tool when they need a quiet, calming personal interaction. We also have autism in our family, so giving back to our community will always will be a pillar of our business!

In 2022, we have expanded our charitable donations to include GiGi's Playhouse (Down syndrome) and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (childhood cancer), in addition to our historical partner, Surfers Healing (autism). 

Our goal is to wow all customers. Give us a shot, you won't regret it! If you do, we'll make it right :)

Thanks for supporting our little family company!

Scott, Julia, and Team Roshambo


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