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Trading Workouts Podcast Sponsored by Roshambo Shades

The Trading Workouts athletes have teamed up with Roshambo Shades to give our sunglasses their own workout! Our unique unbreakable and ultra light frames can easily form to your head so they won’t slip, bounce or fall off during workouts or sports. And these adult shades are the prefect workout accessory for athletes, runners, and active parents on-the-go! Not to mention the whole family can match!

Trading Workouts Podcast

Trading Workouts is an informative yet funny podcast promoting a growth mindset about fitness. It shares laughable moments where different guest athletes try Jennifer Burdis’ workouts as she attempts their workouts. It’s humbling to see and where the best learning takes place. Jennifer Burdis and co-host Ian Butler discuss the benefits of these exercises and how they can be incorporated into a program to potentially elevate performance.

Follow former Penn State volleyball player, 2x Ninja Warrior and WINNING EDGE personal trainer Jennifer Burdis and former University of Missouri wrestler, MMA Bellator Star and wrestling coach Ian Butler as they discuss the benefits of trading workouts, mindset strategies, and life lessons during this time at home.

Roshambo Shades Giveaway

We will periodically be giving away a free pair of our Roshambo Shades to the listeners of the Trading Workouts podcast, so make sure you tune in and find out if you won! The at home edition of the podcasts are released every Thursday on their YouTube Channel.


Summer Challenge Series

Jen also hosts a Summer Challenge Workout series from home and you can join in with a group of committed, like-minded people, within your fitness level who have similar goals. Jennifer keeps daily workouts challenging and fun by getting to know her clients and what really motivates you! Jen offers a beginner, intermediate, and advanced class daily-  5 days a week with a Monday group coaching session after Monday’s workout. Learn more:

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