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These Are the Best Baby Sunglasses Ever

I admit it. I am obsessed with babies in sunglasses.

It doesn’t really get much cuter than a baby at the beach rockin' some shades. Oh, and they protect those beautiful eyes? That’s important, too.

I’ve had my fair share of brands of baby and toddler sunglasses, and we’ve run the gamut from cheapo Target glasses that broke on the first use to the more expensive brands on Amazon, including the super popular Babiators.

But none of them came close to the quality (and overall awesomeness) of our beloved ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses.

Set of four teal sunglasses from roshambo baby on a beach towel
Bring on the sunshine!

I have loved our ro•sham•bo glasses since day 1, but I’ve held off on writing about them until I felt like we’d really had a chance to test them out. If you’ve been around my site before, you’ve seen that I only promote products that I have used long-term and love.

Over the past year, these shades have been to Hawaii, Israel, Malta, Vietnam, and of course all around home. We have given them a thorough testing, and I can say definitively and without any hesitation: they are awesome.

Could they be any more insta-worthy?

What are you looking for in baby sunglasses?


Shatter-proof. Obviously.

Bendable and virtually unbreakable. Yep, that’s a necessity.

100% UVA/B/C protection. Gotta protect those peepers! Children are at a higher risk of sun damage to their eyes than adults are.

Wide range of fun colors. Now we’re talking!

Available in baby, toddler, kid, teen and adult sizes. Because who doesn’t love a matchy-matchy vacation pic?!

family wearing matching teal roshambo baby sunglasses
We seriously have so many family vacation photos with them on.

But here are a few things I bet you didn’t realize you needed, that Roshambo Eyewear has thought of when designing their sunglasses:

BPA and phthalate-free. Because it turns out babies chew on their sunglasses. Mine certainly does.

Molded and etched logos to minimize unnecessary paint. Again, all the chewing.

Ultralight materials. Easier to stay on baby’s head, plus they float when dropped in water!

Full damage and lens replacement guarantee. We haven’t needed this, but I love a company that stands solidly behind their product.

Carbon offsets for online shipping. I am a proponent of carbon offsets for travel, and love that they are taking this step toward sustainability.

A company with a purpose. I was drawn to ro•sham•bo when I learned that they are a small family business. But then I saw that they care about a cause that matters to me: Autism awareness. They donate a portion of every sale to a charity that supports people with Autism. That’s the kind of business I want to support and promote.

Babiators vs. Roshambo Sunglasses

Side by side of teal roshambo baby sunglasses and pink babiators baby sunglasses.
A couple of good looking pairs of baby sunglasses!

I owned a pair of Babiators first, and let me just say that they are adorable. But they did not work for us for a few reasons. For one, they would never stay on my baby’s head. Not sure if it’s the shape, my kid’s head, or the added weight, but they always fell. And then, she got her finger pinched in the hinge repeatedly.

I figured the finger pinch thing was just a necessary risk of having baby sunglasses, but it turns out that is not the case. The hinges of the ro•sham•bo shades are not only angled differently from the Babiators, but the hinge itself has a little bit of “give” (for lack of a better explanation), and no matter how hard I try, I can’t pinch myself with it. It’s well-engineered.

I have also found that the Babiators are nowhere near as durable. We’ve worn the ro•sham•bo sunglasses countless times now. We’ve squeezed them into carry-on luggage and day bags. We’ve squished them and stepped on them. And they are in fantastic shape.

A hand flexing a pair of broken babiator sunglasses as far as they push, which is barely beyond the normal shape of the glasses.
This is as far as the Babiators flex.

The Babiators haven’t been worn once since we got the ro•sham•bo baby sunglasses, but they are still in our cabinet. The baby recently pulled them out to play with, and managed to break the arm off. They are not flexible like the ro•sham•bo shades, so it’s easy to see how they broke.

Close up of both pairs of sunglasses, showing the roshambo glasses made in Italy, while babiators are made in China and broken.
Perhaps this has something to do with it…

For pretty much the exact same price, ro•sham•bo baby is hands-down the winner for me. It’s all about the quality.

But what if I need baby or toddler prescription glasses?

ro•sham•bo has got you covered. They have prescription glasses (for baby, toddler, kid, or adult!) starting at $69, including frame, lenses, head strap, carrying case, and shipping! They have prescription sunglasses and transition lenses, as well. They even offer screen time (anti-blue light) glasses. All with their fun (and more importantly, unbreakable) frames.

Here’s how to get a discount!

If you are one to compare prices, you’ll see that it’s a better deal to buy direct from their website than from Amazon. And if you’d like to save 10% on your purchase, you can enter my code DIAPERSINPARADISE at check-out. Or shop through this link to have it automatically added for you! Supporting two families at once with your purchase: winning!


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