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Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant - A Message From Our Family Company

As challenging as 2020 was, we are equally hopeful for 2021 and beyond. Julia and I wanted to extend a very humble thank you to all of the moms and dads out there that supported us over the last year and kept the engine running for our growing family business. Packing orders mostly alone in the warehouse for a couple months was not terribly fun, but I was so happy to have to do it. 

To our amazing staff of moms on our team (and all the moms and dads out there!) who worked from home, staggered their hours in the warehouse to social distance, talked through projects on Zoom, taught homeschool, and cared for vulnerable family members: THANK YOU!

To our retail partners that got creative, adapted, and survived: YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! We are so humbled and happy to see many of you start to come back for shades. Getting your retail orders carry special importance for us. One of the lessons learned in all this is how critical independent small businesses like yours are to our communities. You don't know what you got til it's gone. We hope this summer season brings renewed energy to your passion. As always, do not hesitate to ask if there is anything we can do to support your efforts.

Scott & Julia (Founders, Roshambo Baby)


Roshambo Shades Staff & Product Update (last updated 4/15/21):

1) Some of our staff is working remotely. Linda, our Customer Service star, will be answering your emails from home. Stacy, our Creative Director, is playing teacher to her little ones (check out her mom blog for creative project ideas!) while still designing our website, emails and Instagram posts that hopefully put a smile on your face. Our Warehouse Manager, Jen, is back in the office to make sure your sunglasses and prescription glasses are going out on time! And my wife, Julia, and I are trading off being at home with our daughters and keeping things running smoothly from the office. 

2) We are thankful that as an essential business providing prescription eyewear to kids, we were able to stay open during the stay-at-home orders. Our current sunglasses shipping turnaround is back to normal around 2-3 days, and prescription glasses is 7-10 days after order placed. 

3) Yes, our unbreakable family sunglasses are made in Italy. NO, there is no possibility of contamination on our product coming from Italy. All of our stock has been in our warehouse since well before the outbreak. Plus, the virus only lives on surfaces for hours, not the weeks and months we have had our stock. All good!

4) Our direct prescription eyewear fulfillment will continue uninterrupted and just like usual. We have been working closely with our optometry lab to make sure they are still filling our customer orders, but doing so with safety as their top priority. Prescription glasses, especially quality, practical kids prescription glasses, are a necessity, and we understand that many parents are going to rely on us more now than ever before to deliver their prescription glasses directly to their door to avoid going to an office. Please note, all of our prescription frame try on sets are always thoroughly disinfected before shipment, and more thoroughly now than ever before. 


Thanks for visiting our blog! Here is the latest and greatest news from Roshambo and our team in San Diego! We are so thankful for all of our customers, partners and exciting opportunities coming up.

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