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We Tried out for Shark Tank... the Update (with video!)!!

So about 6 months ago on a whim, we decided to pitch our flexible kids' sunglasses company and our products, like these purple toddler sunglasses, to Shark Tank. Owner Scott drove out to Vegas and was in line at 3 am to pitch a Shark Tank producer. Check out our Ro·Sham·Bo Baby Shark Tank audition if you missed it! It went really well and they loved our shades so much they invited us to the next round: making a 10 minute video where we answer a ton of questions about our kids' eyeglasses and sunglasses, our online business, and where we show off what we do. We edited the video down to take out some of the private information and keep it a more watchable length, but thought you guys might enjoy it! It tells the story of our company, why we wanted to make flexible kids' sunglasses and how far we have come! Check it out below!


After submitting the video and completing an extensive application, we waited eagerly to see if we would move on. After a few weeks, we got news that the producers loved our video and wanted to interview us as part of FINAL CONSIDERATION for going on the show! CRAZY, RIGHT!? So, we got on the phone with a couple very nice executive producers on the show for about an hour asking all about our business and why we wanted to be on the show. 

After the call was done, we were told that they really liked our business and we were in final consideration for season 10! Basically, at that point there are still more businesses in consideration than can go on the show, but the next stage of the application process would be a call saying either yes we are on and be ready to come film, or the bad news that we were cut. The producer's last advice to us was that we should probably start brainstorming stage design - apparently all the staging you see on the show are entirely put together by the business owners, so it would be up to us to be ready to film with as little as a month's notice!

Needless to say, the next couple weeks of waiting were both so exciting and terrifying. This could be absolutely life changing for us and our business, but also a one of the more stressful things we could imagine!

Well, the call came, but it was not the news we wanted. We are sorry to report, you will not be seeing your favorite family shades on Shark Tank this year. The producer said she fought for us to be on, but just based on the types of other businesses that were being invited we were not a fit for this season. BUMMER! But, there is always next year I guess and she encouraged us to reapply...

We will keep doing our thing here, and we have lots of fun stuff we are working on for the future, so stay tuned, and thank you so much for always supporting our little, online family company and our kids' eyeglasses and sunglasses. We don't need Shark Tank if we have you guys!

- Scott & Julia Morris

Thank you to our friends at Awesomesauce Visuals for their help with our video!


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