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Glasses Perfect for our Kindergartener!

Getting glasses for the first time can be overwhelming for a family. We are here to help! We know glasses can be expensive, and when dealing with little ones, we also know things can break or scratch. That's why Roshambo Eyewear is focused on using our unbreakable frames for not only sunglasses, but also prescription eyewear. Mom and Dad are happy because the glasses don't break in the first week, and your son or daughter is happy because they can still play and have fun in their glasses and not worry!

If they do happen to break, we we'll replace the frames for free! And we also offer a 1 year scratch warranty for the cases that your lenses do get scratched up.

Read one of our customer's latest experiences with getting glasses for the first time for their Kindergartener. So sweet!

"Our kiddo was just prescribed his first set of glasses and while he found a pair at his eye doctors’ office, I knew I wanted to get him a backup pair. We compared styles and prices from a few different online retailers, as well as Costco and Lens Crafters, to get a feel for what was out there for kids. 
For the most part, the warranties and selection were about the same. We ordered two sets of “try on boxes” from here and another online retailer. While the other retailer had more frame styles, their colors were limited to black, navy, or tortoiseshell for boys. And their frames didn’t quite fit our son’s face. 

Next came Roshambo. We knew going in that we wanted the frames that were a bit more square, as those were the same style/size as the sunglasses we previously purchased from here. He tried on both styles and, honestly, they both looked great on him. We gave our son the option between glasses from Roshambo and the other online retailer and he told us he wanted these because liked the way they looked and felt. 

We liked the guarantee/warranty and we knew that these glasses were made to last! I hadn’t realized that the frames could be easily changed (genius!) and I couldn’t believe how easy using their measurement guide was! These have been the only glasses we purchased online and it was a breeze. I was not in the best reception area when I placed the order and for some reason the pupil distance didn’t go through. Luckily, I got an email not long after placing the order that let me know this and I was able to reach out and get it taken care of. Their customer service person was great and helped answer all of my questions. 

By the time we got these, our kiddo had been in his other pair of glasses for a little over a month and you could see where some of the paint on the frames was starting to show wear. It’s rough on the playground sometimes and you could definitely tell that maybe the pair from his eye doctor had taken the brunt of a few falls. 

He’s been wearing his Roshambo glasses consistently for a few weeks and can be as rough and tumble as he wants and they still look brand new. In fact, he chooses these over his other pair daily. Even his sunglasses that he’s had for a couple years still look as good as they say we got them. These glasses are great and soooo good for kids. We’ll definitely be buying more!" - Tessa


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