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Prescription Snow Goggles and Sports Wrap Inserts = Maximum Domination

Ludicrous Speed, Go! Introducing our New Snow Goggles & Sports Wraps

Roshambo Eyewear is know for rubberized, flexible, Italian made polarized sunglasses and prescription glasses for kids. We have officially gone a little bit crazy... 2023 marks the release of our new sports eyewear collection we call "Ludicrous Speed" in honor of the great Rick Moranis in Spaceballs. "Ludicrous Speed, Go!!!"

In January, 2023 Roshambo released our kids snow goggles line, featuring a soft silicone frame with hidden magnets allowing for kids to change their lens shield in seconds. Included with the frame is a photochromatic color changing lens shield that is clear in low light conditions then magically turns dark grey in the sun. Add on one or more of the 5 polarized mirror lens colors for maximum shredding. Our goggles are guaranteed to make you 22% faster on the mountain and 77% radder looking (not actually guaranteed, but we think these numbers are too low if anything). 

Next up in the Ludicrous Speed sports collection: kids sports wrap sunglasses. These are straight fire. Coming in late February 2023, these sweet blades are made in Italy with our trademark soft rubber frame, polarized lens shield, and optional "slip grip" arm sleeves to change out your look and eliminate bounce and slip. Built in adjustable silicone nose pad, included hard carrying case and polishing sleeve, and all the drip a 6 to 12 year old will need to dominate the competition. Don't worry, we also made these bad boys for mom and dad...

Love the New Sports Collection, but What if My Child Wears Glasses?

Great question! As a fast growing leader in direct to consumer kids prescription glasses (like Warby Parker for kids...), we have years of experience creating affordable, practical, insanely awesome prescription glasses for kids in our famous rubberized Italian made frames. When we decided to launch a kids sports collection, we knew we had to figure out how to hook up kids that want to dominate the mountain or the field while still being able to see. We asked the experts and they all agreed: sight is important in most sports.

For the snow goggles line, we developed a rather genius universal fit prescription insert to fit most snow goggles brands. Of course, the insert is designed specifically for our goggles, but we are more than happy to help out a kid, mom or dad in need until they give our goggles a try. Our Ludicrous Speed kids snow goggles are compatible with regular glasses worn underneath, but everyone knows that's not an ideal solution. 

For one of the more affordable price points you will find anywhere in the galaxy, we can custom make a snow goggles prescription insert and send it right to your door. It fits snuggly into the frame and locks in place when the shield lens is snapped into the frame. The universal insert will fit most other (inferior) goggles  brands and sizes for both kids and adults, but we highly recommend getting our Ludicrious Speed goggles for kids to ensure proper fit and maximum radness. 

For the sports wrap collection, we found a great family owned company in Utah that specializes in sports wrap prescription inserts to be our lab for this rather tricky custom prescription insert product. They are stoked to partner with us to provide custom made inserts that attach right at the nose bridge and allow for optimal sight and swag. The best part: unlike other brand's inserts, you can easily remove our prescription wraparound insert and swap in a regular nose pad for days you are wearing contacts or otherwise don't need the glasses but still want to look like bonafide superstar on the pitch, the field, the track, or the mountain. 

Is This the Most Amazing News Ever?

Probably, yes. Give our new line of Ludicrous Speed kids snow goggles and polarized sports wraparound sunglasses a try, we guarantee you won't be disappointed. They really are the best kids sports eyewear in the galaxy. We are a small family company, so every customer is important to us. If you ever have an issue with your sunglasses, goggles, prescription glasses, or maybe you just need some dating advice or a friendly person to write to, we are always here to help. 

If you are a family that has prescription glasses needs, whether baby, big kids, or mom or dad, we have you covered. Our affordable online prescription glasses service has earned rave reviews from parents all over the country. We have thousands of reviews with over a 4.9 average star rating, but our best review is the over 40% of customers who come back to buy from us again. Join Team Roshambo and let's take 2023 to Ludicrous Speed!!


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