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Celebrate National Eyewear Day with Roshambo Eyewear

Ok, so we understand you probably don’t really care about National Eyewear Day like we do… but it’s a good enough reason for us to remind you how important it is to protect your kids eyes (and your own!). Beyond great style, eye protection is crucial for their growing peepers.

National Eyewear Day is celebrated annually on June 6th and it's a day to appreciate the role of eyewear in enhancing our vision, protecting our eyes, and expressing our personal style.


Here are some of our favorite tips and fun facts

Staying protected in the sun

UV damage is just as much of a concern for your eyes as it is for your skin. Children run an increased risk of UV damage to their eyes because their lens is still clear and the pupil is wider than that of adults. As much as 50% of lifetime UV damage to your eyes occurs before the age of 10 and is irreversible, causing terrible long-term ailments! Learn more about the types of lenses we use and why it's so important to protect your child's eyes.

At Roshambo Eyewear, we think we make the best kids' sunglasses out there, but at the end of the day, our message to you is: just wear sunglasses. Even if they are not ours! Starting your kids in them as early as possible is the best protection against future damage.

Look for shades that block at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays and have polarized lenses to reduce eye strain in high-glare environments. (P.S. Rosambo sunglasses block 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays and all of Roshambo lenses are polarized as standard 😉)

Read more about why your kid really needs sunglasses.


Don’t skip the eye exam

Regular eye exams are important for catching vision problems early on. Don't wait for your child to complain – schedule an appointment.


Glasses they love

Let your kids pick out some fun, funky frames to keep them motivated to wear their glasses. Lightweight frames help them forget they are on, too. (Roshambo frames are so light, they float!).

Blue Light “Screen Time” Glasses

With iPads and video games, kids spend a lot of time glued to screens these days. Blue light can cause eye strain, so blue light blocking glasses can help reduce fatigue and keep their eyes feeling fresh. Read more about screen safety for little eyes.


Talk about it

National Eyewear Day is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your kids about the importance of eye health. Here are some ways to make it fun:

Play "Eye Spy" 

Take a walk and have your kids identify different colors and shapes. Asking them to try the game with and without their sunglasses. Do their eyes feel any different wearing sunglasses?

Book a Family Eye Exam

Make eye exams a regular part of your family's healthcare routine. You can even turn it into a fun outing with a visit to the ice cream shop afterwards!

Brush up on your Eye trivia

The earliest known example of wearable eyeglasses dates back to 13th century in Italy. A man by the name of Salvino D'Armate is credited with their invention. Maybe that's why Roshambo Eyewear continues to make all of our optical frames in Italy!

The most expensive sunglasses in the world last sold for $408,000! They are the Chopard De Rigo Vision sunglasses.

The Eagle’s eye can spot a rabbit from 1,760 yards away! It takes a person, with glasses, at least 550 yards to see the very same rabbit. And if you're nearsighted, then you probably can't see the rabbit at all!

Every year, nearly 4 million pairs of unwanted glasses are thrown away! You don’t have to contribute to the problem. By choosing brands that create long lasting and durable frames, you don't need to worry about broken frames being tossed aside every few months.

In the US, there are over 164 million glasses wearers. That's more than 50% of the population! So you are among friends when you have to wear glasses. Wear them proud!

This National Eyewear Day, let's celebrate the gift of sight and keep those little peepers protected in style! Discover the Roshambo range of flexible, unbreakable sunglasses, prescription glasses, and blue light glasses. They all come with a 1-year frame guarantee, so if your little one breaks them, we replace them.

Happy National Eyewear Day!


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