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Celebrate National Eyewear Day with Roshambo Eyewear

We love your glasses! We love your style! Now show them off on National Eyewear Day and celebrate with Roshambo Eyewear! Tag your photos with #NationalEyewearDay on social media and let us know why you love your Roshambo glasses.

National Eyewear Day is celebrated annually on June 6th and it's a day to appreciate the role of eyewear in enhancing our vision, protecting our eyes, and expressing our personal style.

Try out a new frame style or color to match your personality and save 10% with the code "LUVMYGLASSES" on a new pair of spare frames or sunglasses or prescription glasses!

Most Expensive Sunglasses Ever Sold

The most expensive sunglasses in the world are the Chopard De Rigo Vision sunglasses, which last sold at $408,000. But the most important part is that your sunglasses block harmful UVA/UVA rays, and that doesn't have to cost a fortune!

Glasses That Won't Break

Every year, nearly 4 million pairs of unwanted glasses are thrown away! By choosing brands that create long lasting, sustainable and durable frames, you don't need to worry about broken frames being tossed aside every few months. We guarantee your frames will last or we'll replace for free!

The First Eyeglasses Were Developed in Italy

Did you know the earliest known example of wearable eyeglasses dates back to 13th century in Italy? A man by the name of Salvino D'Armate is credited with their invention. Maybe that's why Roshambo Eyewear continues to make all of our optical frames in Italy! Better quality materials for you and your little ones... BPA, phthalate, lead & latex free, etc.

Eagle Eye vs Human Eye

An eagle has better eyes than you. It can spot a rabbit from 1,760 yards away! That beats humans by a long shot. It takes a person, with glasses, at least 550 yards to see the very same rabbit. And if you're nearsighted, then you probably can't see the rabbit at all! Did you know that if you're nearsighted (myopia), your prescription will have negative numbers written, but if you're farsighted (hyperopia) you will have positive numbers? Here are some more tips for reading your prescription that might help!

One in a Million(s)

In the US, there are over 164 million glasses wearers. That's more than 50% of the population! So you are among friends when you have to wear glasses. So wear them proud and enjoy #NationalEyewearDay!

Customer Spotlight: Perfect for our Kindergartener!

"Our kiddo was just prescribed his first set of glasses and while he found a pair at his eye doctors’ office, I knew I wanted to get him a backup pair. We compared styles and prices from a few different online retailers, as well as Costco and Lens Crafters, to get a feel for what was out there for kids. 

For the most part, the warranties and selection were about the same. We ordered two sets of “try on boxes” from here and another online retailer. While the other retailer had more frame styles, their colors were limited to black, navy, or tortoiseshell for boys. And their frames didn’t quite fit our son’s face. 

Next came Roshambo. We knew going in that we wanted the frames that were a bit more square, as those were the same style and size as the sunglasses we previously purchased from here. He tried on both styles and, honestly, they both looked great on him. We gave our son the option between glasses from Roshambo and the other online retailer and he told us he wanted these because liked the way they looked and felt. 

We liked the guarantee/warranty and we knew that these glasses were made to last! I hadn’t realized that the frames could be easily changed (genius!) and I couldn’t believe how easy using their measurement guide was! These have been the only glasses we purchased online and it was a breeze. 

By the time we got these, our kiddo had been in his other pair of glasses for a little over a month and you could see where some of the paint on the frames was starting to show wear. It’s rough on the playground sometimes and you could definitely tell that maybe the pair from his eye doctor had taken the brunt of a few falls. 

He’s been wearing his Roshambo glasses consistently for a few weeks and can be as rough and tumble as he wants and they still look brand new. In fact, he chooses these over his other pair daily. Even his sunglasses that he’s had for a couple years still look as good as they say we got them. These glasses are great and soooo good for kids. We’ll definitely be buying more."

Customer Spotlight: We love them!

"My daughter started wearing glasses when she was 18months. She is 2 now. These baby glasses are just completely impressive. They are SO durable. The lenses being able to switch into new frames so easily has been one of my favorite parts. For my daughter’s baptism I was able to switch from her every day yellow or brown into a sparkly white and she felt so special.

Besides that the products are affordable, durable and thoughtful, the customer service experience I have had with this company has been by far the highlight of my experience with Roshambo. I lost both my prescription and daughter's glasses when we moved across the country. I emailed them and they sent me a link with everything I needed already in a cart. Her proscription they had of file already set and ready to check out.

When we received the glasses they also included a picture copy of my original proscription remembering that I had told them I had lost it. I was so grateful for this small act of thoughtfulness. What an awesome company. I am a forever customer now!"



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