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Kids Eyewear Guide 2022: How To Pick The Right Prescription Eyeglasses For Your Child

Roshambo's prescription glasses are comfortable and cool for all ages

If you're the parent of a child with vision problems, you've probably been through the decision-making process of finding kids' glasses that best suit your little one.

Choosing the right pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses for your child can be tricky and stressful, especially if you're unsure what your child wants to match their prescription needs in terms of style.

And while this can be an overwhelming task, it doesn't have to be too difficult! If you're armed with the right information, the process becomes much smoother. Here are some tips on how to pick the right prescription eyeglasses for your child.

Frame Material

Metal frames are a very common, traditional material that tends not to break easily. However, they're also stiff and can cause discomfort for younger wearers. On the other hand, plastic or acetate frames offer comfort and a lighter-weight design, but can break if they are stiff plastic. Roshambo Eyewear offers the best of both worlds with our unique rubber based blended material especially made for us in Italy. This material allows for nearly indestructible durability and ultra lightweight feel. Not to mention, our prescription kids glasses are about the most affordable option on the market.

Roshambo eyewear is cool and durable

Bridge Fit

The bridge of the eyeglasses is the part that connects the two prescription lenses to the frame. Usually made from a mix of metal and plastic, it serves as a hinge for temples (which contain the hinges).

Additionally, the shape of your child's face may dictate which style of kids' eyeglasses they should wear. Eyeglasses with straight, parallel lines might not be ideal for faces that are more round.

This makes bridge fit important because if your child doesn't wear an eyeglass frame that's properly adjusted to their face shape, it will be more likely to slip out of place when worn. Roshambo Eyewear is launching several new styles in the coming months, so if you don’t find a perfect fit yet, stay tuned!

Roshambo eyewear gives kids comfort and confidence

Temple Style

Temple style, and whether you prefer their arms straight or curved. If you opt for curved temple arms, they'll wrap around your child's head a bit more and may even offer extra protection if they accidentally knock their glasses off.

Temple arms that are straight tend to stay in place with less assistance from kids who may be wearing them—but curved styles can work too, depending on how much help your little one needs putting on their glasses each day.

If you are not sure what fit is best for you, remember that Roshambo Eyewear offers a free at home trial kit to try all of our styles and sizes on in person!

Lens Material

The lens material is important because it affects the lens's color, clarity, and eye protection. For example, polycarbonate prescription lenses are ideal for children who spend a lot of time outdoors or do contact sports because they block 99 percent of UV rays and reduce glare.

Polycarbonate prescription lenses tend to be thicker and still lightweight, but they may not work well if your child has astigmatism (or other vision conditions). If that's the case, opt for a thinner lens like Trivex, which is as thin as a sheet of paper.

Both options allow more light to pass through the lens, improving your child's overall visual experience, but both require special handling due to their flexibility.

Roshambo Eyewear exclusively uses polycarbonate lenses for our kids online prescription glasses. If your child might need trivex, we recommend going to a traditional in person optician.

Roshambo eyewear has the style and comfort for your cool kid


A pair of eyewear can help children see better, but more importantly, they can instill confidence in kids and boost their self-esteem.

Reading an eyeglasses guide like this one is just a start—it's helpful to visit an optometrist or ophthalmologist to get a professional opinion on your child's prescription and vision.

The best advice we can give after consulting an optician is check out the selection, style and affordability Roshambo Eyewear offers for kids prescription glasses!


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