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How to Teach Your Kids About Showing Gratitude This Holiday Season


Teaching kids gratitude is an important lesson no matter what time of year, but it's particularly relevant during the holidays. Whether the gesture is big or small, showing appreciation for the loved ones and kind people in your life is something that will make them feel special. Keep reading to find out how you and your kids can spread the cheer.

1. Write a heartfelt letter

Words that come from the heart are so impactful. Encourage your kids to pick a family member or friend they want to send a holiday greeting to. Then have them write a card telling the person why they're grateful to have them in their lives. It's a simple and meaningful way to reinforce that it's the people you love who matter most.

2. Volunteer in the community

Research local charities and organizations in your community and pick a few for your child to choose from. This can be anything from wrapping gifts for underprivileged families to writing them greeting cards. Explain to them why it's important to give back to others and they'll gain perspective on why they have so much to be thankful for.

3. Get hands-on with nature

Someone we tend to forget about when it comes to showing gratitude is Mother Nature. It's easy to lose sight of how fortunate we are for things like healthy grass to play on and water to drink. Set up a hands-on activity for your kids that teaches them the importance of nature, like a small indoor garden or planting a tree that they can watch grow once the Spring comes.

4. Make them a helper

Kids love to feel like they're contributing, whether it's in the classroom or at home. Teach your kids what it means to be a helper and explain how they can be the go-to person for their teachers and even for you. Small things like cleaning up after arts and crafts or holding the door for someone with full hands make all the difference.

5. Lead by example

The most important lesson you can teach your kids is that actions speak louder than words. In order for them to understand the meaning of gratitude, they need to see it from you. Take them with you whenever you're doing something generous and make sure to point out acts that demonstrate thankfulness. Being a great role model for your child will also help them set the tone for others around them.


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