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SUNdraiser: Fundraise for your School, Team, Charity or Non-Profit!

Sundraise for your cause!

Not every Super Hero wears a cape (but some do)!

You probably know we give a portion of all sales to autism charity year round. We're always going to do that; autism is a cause close to our heart (and family!). But we want to give back more to our community! And you probably do too. That's why we've created our "SUNdraiser" - a unique and fun way to fundraise for your school, church, club, team, charity, non-profit, organization... whatever!

Start Your SUNdraiser

It's easy: email us to get your custom discount code for your organization. Your code will give your network 10% off our entire website (including prescription glasses!) and at the end of each month, we will tally up all the sales using your code and send you 10% of the total! Easy as that. The more your friends, family and community buys, the more your cause gets! No limit to how much you can earn. If you are a part of a special needs non profit or charity, we can provide your group with 20% off prescription glasses. :)

Have No Fear!

There is no commitment and no cost to you. We'll even send you free customized digital and hard copy advertising materials you can email and post to your social networks and community. If it works, awesome! If not, no worries.

How Do I Start?

Simply reply to this email or send an email to with the name and quick description of the organization you want to register (including where to send checks!). We'll reply with your discount code, advertising materials, and some tips for how to easily spread the word!

A special thanks to Hope Elementary in Carlsbad, CA for their awesome photos from their SUNdraiser & Sun Smarties Education Program! We love your ro•sham•bo baby color-changing sunnies!!


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