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Free Gift with Every Pair of Sunglasses

You read that right! We're giving away a free gift with every pair of sunglasses in our "5 Days of Happy" Christmas promotion, December 6-10, 2021.* And our cute little mascot, Happy "Santa" Potamus, is going to deliver you the goodies with no promo codes required!

Hi! I'm Happy.

Meet our friend Happy... the cutest new addition to the ro•sham•bo family! Our very own plucky, potbellied pachyderm! Happy is a super fan of all of our shades, glasses, gear and accessories.

A hippo's thick skin is just as durable and rugged as our unbreakable frames, and all that time Happy spends in the bright sun requires Italian made polarized eyewear.

Don’t be surprised to see this little hippo popping up to provide you with fun promotions & discounts, like this month’s “5 Days of Happy” for Christmas! We hope Happy makes you happy!

5 Days of Happy Giveaways

Happy is going to be tossing in a little something extra with every pair of sunglasses Dec 6-10, so plan your holiday shopping around these freebies. You don’t need to add a code or add item to cart - Happy will take care of it for you! Adult shades too!

Dec 6 - Free Ear Adjusters

Order a pair of sunglasses on Monday, December 6 and you'll get free adjusters (with every pair you order)! For our baby and toddlers, we'll send our Head Strap & Ear Adjusters set, and for our kids over 5 and adults, we'll send our Slip Grip Ear Adjusters. Both super helpful when growing into a larger size, or when you want to make sure the sunglasses won't fall off during sports or activities!

Dec 7 - Free Floating Strap

Order a pair of sunglasses on Tuesday, December 7 and you'll get a free floating strap (with every pair you order)! Our floating strap fits all sunglasses sizes, and it floats in the water - just like our sunglasses do.

Dec. 8 - Free Carrying Case

Order a pair of sunglasses on Wednesday, December 8 and you'll get a free carrying case (with every pair you order)! For our baby, toddler and junior shades, we'll send our Kids Carrying Case, and for our adult shades we'll send our Adult Carrying Case. Both will keep your shades safe when in your backpack or beach bag!

Dec. 9 - Free Gift Card with Purchase

Place an order on December 9 for your new sunnies, and you'll also receive a free $10 printed gift card for every $50 order, or a $25 printed gift card for every $100 order! Only one gift card per order. Then you'll be able to either give the gift card as a gift or save it to use later! Gift cards never expire and can be used in combination with other promo codes.

Dec 10 - Free U.S. Shipping on Every Order

Place your order on December 10, and you'll automatically get free U.S. shipping at checkout! Applies to any size order, and any products.



* While supplies last. No substitutions. Excludes prescriptions.


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