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Do Sports And Prescription Glasses Mix? How To Choose Safe Sports Eyewear For Kids

Roshambo's comfortable glasses are perfect for kids sports

If you're concerned about your active child's visual health, then youth prescription sports goggles should always be a priority for you.

Sports and prescription glasses are not necessarily mutually exclusive, and there are several options for you to consider, depending on your kid's needs and preferences.

However, choosing the right pair of sports goggles for your sport-active kid can sometimes be difficult if you don't know what to look for or if you're not used to using prescription glasses in sports activities. Here are a few tips on how to choose safe sports eyewear for your kids.

Lens Durability

Optometrists urge parents to choose sports eyewear with a durable lens, and they need to be constructed with impact-resistant material. You don't want sports glasses with plastic lenses; they're not designed for impact and could easily break in an athletic setting.

You should feel comfortable about your child wearing their sports glasses during activities. Look for lenses that are well made, with shatterproof or anti-shatter materials. The most popular lenses that fit this description are polycarbonate lenses.

Roshambo's prescription glasses offer perfect fits for active kids

Factor in the sport

It's important to consider the sport when choosing protective eyewear. If your child wears prescription glasses during the game, you should use eyewear designed specifically for sports or order prescription inserts to be added onto the lenses.

If contacts are recommended for your child’s sport of choice such as hockey but they can’t adapt to wearing them, you can opt for youth prescription sports glasses.

And regardless of sport and/or activity level, kids who spend most of their time outdoors can benefit from UV protection in their eyewear since UV exposure increases with age and as an individual spends more time outdoors. This rule of thumb also includes purchases for youth prescription sports glasses for baseball, youth prescription sports glasses for football, and youth prescription sports glasses for soccer.

Roshambo has comfortable kids glasses that stay on during games

Lens Tint

The standard for kids protective eyewear is clear lenses. Using a light tint can protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays and still allow them to see their surroundings, while dark tints or yellow-tinted sports glasses (like those worn by construction workers) block all of these rays and blue light, which prevents eye strain.

If they need prescription lenses and can't wear their sports goggles over their eyes when playing sports, consider buying two pairs: one set of lenses for playing and another set that they can wear to school or hang on a hook near where they play sports, so they are always within reach.

Frame Attachments

Always choose frame attachments that are designed to fit kids. The frame attachment should have an elastic strap to stay tight on a child's head while they are playing.

Additionally, the sports eyewear should have strong side shields to protect against flying debris. As a rule of thumb, children over six years old can wear most sports eyewear; however, ask your eye doctor for more information about choosing kids' sports eyewear.

Frame Fit

When choosing sports eyewear for your children, it's important to pick a frame that will fit their face shape. Most sports eyewear brands offer several options when it comes to shape and style, so take some time to look at all of them before deciding on which style fits best.

Once you've decided on what type of frame you want for your child, you should determine how much coverage they need in their glasses.


When buying protective eyewear for kids, there are many things to consider. Always make sure you buy a pair of safety glasses certified by an independent testing agency such as ANSI.

It's also important to find a pair that fits comfortably and makes it easy for your child to see clearly. Comfort, ease of use, and proper protection should always be your primary concerns when choosing sports eyewear for children.


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