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Back to School Eye Care

August is National Children's Eye Health & Safety Month and with school just around the corner, we wanted to share some of our best products to keep your little one's eyes safe this year!

Good vision is key to a child's physical development, school success and well-being. By setting up a comprehensive eye exam for your child, and providing them with the proper eyewear, you can get them on the right track for a happy and healthy school year! Check out our collection of back to school glasses below.

Screen Time Glasses

Screen time something about it with our new blue light blocking glasses! Blue rays from electronic devices can cause serious damage to eyes and even screw up your sleep patterns, so we decided to use our unbreakable frames to stop those pesky rays with our blue light blocking lenses in our Screen Time Glasses. Starting at $30!

  • Unbreakable frames - Our bendable, soft, durable frames are comfortable and ultra light for little ones!

  • Prescription quality lenses - Polycarbonate lightweight, shatterproof, high performance lenses designed for durability.

  • Blue light blocking protection - Block over 80% of the most harmful blue light rays (under wavelength 420 nm) to protect your child's eyes.

  • UVA/B/C protection - Despite being clear, these lightweight lenses have a filter to block 99% of harmful UV rays

  • Superior clear vision - No harsh yellow/orange colored lenses 

  • Read our 10 tips to protect your child's eyes from computer eyestrain

Prescription Glasses

We know first hand how expensive glasses can become with kiddos… breakable frames just won’t do! That’s why we’ve lowered our starting price to only $69 to make ours the most affordable prescription glasses in the universe! Save hundreds of dollars on costly designer frames for kids' Rx glasses that you and your kids keep breaking! Roshambo prescription glasses are perfect for sporty, active kids on-the-go or as an affordable backup pair.


Prescription Sunglasses

In addition to our clear prescription lenses, we also offer a variety of prescription sunglasses lenses to protect your little ones eyes. All lenses block 100% UVA/B&C rays, and our polarized lenses provide superior glare reduction which can substantially reduce eye strain and prevent long term eye damage. 

You’ll get anti-reflective and extra scratch coatings included free of charge with all kids' Rx glasses and sunglasses, and our custom add-ons like ultra thin lenses, scratch warranty, and spare frames are now available as optional upgrades. Pay only for what you need!

Free Home Try-On Kit

You can try our unbreakable frames on at home for FREE to make sure they are the perfect fit before you buy your prescription glasses! You can choose from our kids pack, adult pack or all 5 sizes for an at-home, no obligation free trial of our flexible, ultra light frames.  

Alternate Payment Options

We also offer alternate payment options on our website. FSA & HSA cards as well as AfterPay, which allows you to buy today and split your purchase into 4 interest-free payments! Please email any questions you have regarding these offerings.

Warranty & Guarantees

We guarantee that the prescription glasses you receive will match the prescription you send us, or we will fix it free of charge. We offer a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use. Learn more in our terms & conditions.

Our prescription lenses do not automatically come with a scratch replacement warranty, but it is available for purchase! When you are purchasing your glasses you will see a few add-ons available to help you build your perfect prescription.

Our prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses are NOT eligible for returns or exchanges. Each set of lenses is custom made to order based on your submitted prescription, so it is not something we can restock!

If you are unsure of sizing, please check our size chart or order a FREE Home Try On Kit to be absolutely sure your frames are the correct size. Every little face is different, and our age ranges are just suggestions. Thank you!


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