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5 Steps To Buying Kids Prescription Glasses Online

Roshambo's comfortable glasses stay on even when kids play

When buying kids prescription glasses or sunglasses from online retailers, there are many things to consider, especially if you are purchasing them for children.

There are many manufacturers of cheap kids prescription glasses online, and it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best kids glasses in terms of quality and offer the best value for your money.

Here are five steps to buying kids prescription glasses online to help you feel more confident in your purchase, especially if it's your first time purchasing cool kids glasses from online retailers.

Get Prescription

If you plan to buy kids or toddler prescription glasses online, you'll need a prescription. Take your child to their eye doctor and have them do an eye exam to get one. While you are there, try to remember to ask the doctor to put the pupillary distance (PD) measurement on the prescription. Many doctors do not do that as a habit to force patients to use their office to purchase overpriced eyewear. Many sites, including Roshambo Eyewear, have virtual PD tools built into that site that allow you to do this for free online, but getting it measured by a doctor is never a bad idea.

If you already have your child's prescription, go ahead and order without another eye exam as long as you are confident their prescription has not changed and the prescription has not expired. If an online retailer accepts an expired prescription BEWARE! They may not be as interested in quality and ethics as you will want. Roshambo Eyewear verifies every single prescription is valid before we accept an order. If it is not, we reach out to the customer and refund the purchase if necessary.  

If it has been a while since your child had an eye exam or hasn't worn eyewear before, make sure they are up-to-date with their vision requirements first.

Find Measurements

It can be hard to measure your child's head, but you can use a cloth tape measure. First, stand your child facing a wall and place one end of a flexible measuring tape against their forehead.

Then, while keeping an eye on where you are measuring, wrap it around their head until it reaches their ear.

Try to pull the tape taut to get an accurate measurement. Once you have recorded that number, record your child's height and date of birth. This information will come in handy when filling out prescription forms for kid’s eyeglasses online.

If you use a well-established site, like Roshambo Eyewear, getting measurements is not really necessary. We have a built in virtual try on kit, a virtual PD measurement tool, and free at home try on kits that allow you to know exactly what frame you will need for your child’s face size.

Roshambo offers a wide range of fit and style for the perfect look and feel

Choose Frames

Once you have a sense of what kind of glasses your child needs, you'll need to pick out frames. Choose frames that fit their personality and style and consider comfort—they'll be wearing them for a while. Roshambo Eyewear has prescription kids frames in just about every color under the sun and we are releasing new ones all the time. Not to mention our frames are bend in half flexible, ultra light, and made in Italy.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure they can pinch less than half an inch from their nose. When they get used to wearing glasses, they may want to style out on occasion; try giving them a few different styles to find one they like best.

Select Lenses

When you're buying children’s glasses online, your first decision will be whether you're ordering simple or progressives. Simple prescription lenses sit directly on top of your eyes and allow you to see at all distances; they will likely work well for schoolwork and occasional computer use but are not meant for extended reading.

Progressive lenses allow one eye to focus on close-up vision while working out any kinks in your far-away vision. It's up to you to start with simple or progressive glasses but consider what activities your child participates in before choosing a lens type. Remember, prescription lenses ultimately depend on the prescription given to you by the ophthalmologist.

Roshambo's fit and style match your kid's needs

Purchase Backup Pair

Before you commit to buying cheap kids glasses, make sure you have a backup pair. Since kids can be tough on their eyewear, it's best to ensure that your child has a replacement pair when necessary. Roshambo Eyewear is a perfect choice for a backup pair because they are affordable, durable, and fun.

If your children are old enough, have them help choose their new frames and select a backup style. When ordering, order an extra lens as well, in case they need a replacement later. Store both pairs safely so they don't get broken or misplaced between wearings. Roshambo’s unique frames allow you to swap your lenses into a new frame color whenever you want!

Roshambo offers a wide range of style for fun and variety


The big takeaway is that if you can follow these five simple steps, buying kids' prescription glasses will be a breeze.

And it's not just parents who stand to benefit from these tips, but children too! Helping your kids with their first pair of glasses will make them feel accomplished.

By being informed and prepared before stepping into an online store (figuratively speaking), you and your child can make quick and correct decisions and go about your day.


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