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90′s timewarp game and in tokyo!

hello loyal’ers! a lot has been going on here in the land of tiny sunglasses. as you know, julia and i welcomed our first baby over 5 months ago (!!) and she is doing great. you may have noticed an adorable little light-haired girl routinely popping up on our website, instagram (@roshambobaby) and facebook (roshambo baby) pages… that would be little avery. it is so fun now that she fits our shades so well, and yes, she wears them everywhere. we have no problem with nepotism or exploiting our cute little girl to show off our great baby shades, so get used to seeing her adorable little face:

world autism day was april 2!! we still proudly donate to autism charity with every purchase!

in other news, we have made our second official international appearance… while we frequently sell to individual international customers online, we have now placed our baby sunglasses in two countries via distribution or wholesale orders. we already told you about australia in our last post (g’day ozzie babies!), and now we are stoked to announce our shades are on their way to an awesome chain of baby boutiques in tokyo, japan! we lined up the shades we sent packing in our new office before we sent them on their long journey, sayonara shades!!

these baby shades are taking over japan!

that brings me to our final bit of news since you might have noticed the saved by the bell dolls in the picture above… we have a new headquarters!! julia firmly believes that scott really wanted to start this company as a front to legitimize renting office space to show off his awesome (sad? ridiculous? scary?) collection of 90′s collectables (junk? crap?). i assure you, that is not the case, it’s all about the baby shades and the autism charity, but it is a nice bonus, and man, do we love some 90′s nostalgia. you can probably get a sense of our devotion based on this picture of just one wall of our new office:

how much 90′s swag can you find in the picture above??

game time! remember those old “highlights” magazines where you had to find hidden objects (yes, that’s another 80′s/90′s reference), let’s give it a try – can you find and name all the 80′s/90′s stuff in the picture. by our count, there are at least 17 90′s related items (or sets of items) if you look very closely. sorry it’s not the best picture, didn’t say it would be easy. ***answer at the bottom of the blog.

we have lots more in the works here at baby, including some new product announcements coming sooner rather than later… thank you for all of the support you have given our company, it is truly humbling and we hope to keep bringing you the best baby sunglasses on the market. keep an eye out for us on social media and please help spread the word about our designer baby sunglasses and our cause supporting autism research. hopefully you’ll start to see our Ro·Sham·Bo glasses popping up soon in the likes of us weekly and ok! and you’ll be able to say your baby had the best baby shades in the world first!! as always, remember:

little people deserve big people shades.

***quiz answer: the 90′s swag in the picture above: (1) hungry hungry hippos board game above the cabinet no the right, (2) mega man graphics, (3) cabbage patch san diego padres doll, (4) a pound puppy (5) set of 3 carebears in logo colors, (5) a poppel (awesome, we know), (6) gobo fraggle doll, (7) family matters urkel doll, (8) a “rad” movie poster (9) a simpsons art cell (old episode where bart is an exchange student in france!), (10) “rugrats” gang art cell (sorry for the glare on the glass), (11) saved by the bell dolls, the whole gang! (12) beavis and butthead bobble head dolls on top of the ac slater doll – tiny i know, didn’t say it would be easy, (13) some 90′s comics, including ghostrider #1, the one where superman dies for the first time, and an autographed mr. t comic, (14) 8 bit nintendo flower vase, (15) bonus tough ones: a mad magazine featuring beavis and butthead as clinton and gore, a beckett magazine with michael jordan playing baseball on the cover and a people magazine 90′s edition with rachel/jennifer aniston on the cover, (these are bonus because you probably would have had to see them from the tokyo pic…), (16) tricky one and hard to see: in the sunglasses mirror reflection, you will see some garbage pail kid stickers on the door… (17) ultra bonus / impossible based on the picture: a dvd of “the last dragon” - anyone remember that kung-fu movie with the hero leroy and the bad guy “sho-nuff.” classic. how many did you know?


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