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new year, nannies, and shades down unda’!

happy new year everybody! we have been meaning to do another newborn baby blog post for a while, but you know, life gets in the way. since our last post a lot has been going on with our company and our family.  baby avery is now almost 3 months old (where has the time gone!) and is starting to love her roshambo baby shades and shirts (like she has a choice). here are a couple pictures of our baby with sunglasses, so cute, huh :)


we have also learned just how exhausting being new parents is! mad respect to all you parents out there, especially those of you with newborns and toddlers or heaven forbid, multiples! it’s all we can do to stay on top of one, let alone two or more. feels like all she does all day is eat! but, we have been lucky that she sleeps pretty well at night all of a sudden, after two months waking up what felt like hourly at night, she now will go to sleep around 9:30 or 10 and sleep until 4 or 5 straight through, eat, change, then usually go to sleep for another hour or so. definitely not complaining there, especially since super mom is doing almost all the early morning wake-up calls now that dad is back at his day job full time. now, if we could only get her to sleep in her crib and not mommy and daddy’s room… but that can wait i guess, we love having her so close to us.

we are also currently struggling through the anxiety-inducing process of hiring a nanny for baby avery. mom goes back to work full time at the end of february, so we have to come to grips with the terrifying proposition of hiring a nanny to watch our precious little bundle for a couple days per week. luckily, dad is going to start going part time at his job when mom goes back to work, he will be working on our little sunglasses company part time while watching avery for 2 days per week (he’ll be bringing her to our new roshambo baby office with him… daddy-daughter day everyday at our company headquarters!!). that still leaves 3 days per week when we are entrusting our baby to a stranger. of course, we are doing all the due diligence we can on our candidates, including thorough question, calling referrals, and multiple meetings in person, but it is still terrifying! we have met some great candidates, but it is hard to make such an important decision.  it’s also eyeopening how expensive having a nanny is! it makes sense, they are only responsible for the most important thing in your life for several hours a day, but man are we going to have to sell a lot of shades to pay our nanny!! if you have any tips for us or want to share an experience you had with a nanny (good or bad, it’s helpful to hear cautionary tales too!) please leave a comment for us below!

as for our little business, we are working hard to make 2014 a big year for roshambo baby. we have a goal of increasing our retail partnerships big time by the end of the year and are already on track to take our baby sunglasses international! as of february 1, we are officially working with petit australia, a fantastic, family owned, high end children’s products distributor in australia to place our baby shades in australian stores… look out sydney, here we come! we are also officially registered to participate in the 2014 abc kids expo in las  vegas sept. 7-10.  the abc expo is the largest children’s product expo in the world – it is a big investment to take part, but we feel it is necessary to get in front of buyers from all over the country and the world. we have to protect those baby eyes everywhere, not just southern california! with any luck, but this time next year, you’ll see roshambo baby sunglasses in a baby store near you! if any of our loyal customers out there know of any stores or distributors you think we should contact, please tell  let us know (email addresses available on our about us tab at

thanks everybody, and as always, remember:

little people deserve big people shades.


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