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FAQs & Policies for Prescription Glasses Fulfillment Service (please read carefully!)

What do I need to place my prescription order?

1) Your child’s valid eyeglasses prescription.

  • We can fill single vision prescriptions within the range of +/- 8.00 sphere and +/- 4.00 cylinder.
  • We cannot fill bifocal or progressive prescriptions.

2) Your child’s pupillary distance (PD) measurement  

  • Your PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils, and helps us center your prescription correctly in your frames. If your doctor did not include your PD on your prescription, we can measure it for you by following these directions
  • For most kids, the PD ranges from 42 mm – 60 mm 
  • For most adults, the PD ranges from 50 mm - 70 mm
  • Once you have your PD, please hand-write it onto the copy of your prescription before scanning and emailing to us. 

How do I submit my prescription?

Our website will walk you through your purchase. There will be a place where you can upload your prescription when placing your order. You can also respond to the emailed invoice after purchase with the prescription or email us a copy at A scanned copy or simply snapping a picture of your prescription will work just fine. Prescriptions must be valid and not expired. Generally, if there is no expiration date on a prescription, they are considered expired two years after the date of the exam. We also highly recommend that we have your pupillary distance to get the best result. It may be on your prescription, but it may not, so please check! Instructions for how to obtain that are on each prescription service product page, but for the best result, ask your optometrist to measure it for you. See below for more info about pupillary distance (PD).

What range of prescriptions can you fill and what can I do if my prescription is outside of the listed available range?

We should be able to fill most prescriptions within the following range: Sphere +/- 8.00, Cylinder +/– 4.00. But often we can even do a bit more than that, it can depend on what size frame you are getting. But we cannot fill bifocal or progressive prescriptions. If you submit an order and we cannot fill your prescription for any reason, no worries, we will let you know immediately and refund you in full, so no risk in trying.

What is the status of my prescription order?

At this time, we don’t have a way for you to check the status of your prescription order online so if you need an update as to where your order is at please email us at and we can check into it further to help you out!  

But do know that once we receive your prescription order and all of the necessary prescription and PD details, we work hard and filling orders quickly so that you or your child can receive his or her new glasses soon! 

How long does it take before I receive my eyewear and can I rush the order?

We generally say 7-10 business days for delivery depending on our order volume and how complicated your prescription is. For example, larger prescriptions take more time, and specialty items like Transitions require a ton of work, including multiple coatings that require 12 hours of drying time for each layer! We send them to you the same day we get them back!

What type of lens do you use?

The standard clear corrective lens we use is an impact-resistant polycarbonate material very commonly used in kids eye wear. Your local pediatric optometrist will likely offer the same type of product. Our lenses help protect your child's vision by holding up to rough-and-tumble play or sports without cracking or shattering. Many eye care practitioners insist on polycarbonate lenses for children's eyeglasses for safety reasons.The material is 30 percent lighter than standard plastic or glass, which makes them more comfortable to wear and less likely to slide down your child's nose. Our lenses also are about 20 percent thinner than standard plastic or glass lenses, so they are a good choice for anyone who wants slimmer, more attractive lenses. Glasses with polycarbonate lenses also protect your child's eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The polycarbonate material is a natural UV filter, blocking over 99 percent of the sun's damaging UV rays. Please note, because we use a third party provider for this product, we do not make any claims as to the chemical components of this material and do not test them ourselves. Accordingly, the lens may contain trace elements of BPA, phthalates or other compounds (see below). Our statements as to the safety of our product pertain only to the frames we produce, not the third party provided lenses.

CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: The products in this order can expose you to chemicals including bisphenol A (BPA) (for polycarbonate lenses), which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to:

Can I try on frames before I order a prescription?

Yes, we have free home try-on kits available. You can choose from our kids pack, adult pack or all 5 sizes for an at-home no obligation trial of our prescription frames. Try on any of our 5 sizes at home for FREE for 7 days. Peace of mind that your unbreakable frames will fit you and your kids perfectly!

What's up with the "swappable" frames/ lenses thing?

Our material is pretty darn unique in the optometry industry. Because it is so flexible and durable, with a little effort twisting at the right angle, you can pop out your new prescription lens pretty easily and put it into one of our other frames! Don't worry, you won't hurt the lens or the frames. SO... just order as many other frame colors you want (in the same size!) as regular sunglasses for as little as $20 and you can have a set of glasses for every outfit or mood! No need to buy another expensive pair of prescription lenses! So fun and unique! Don't try it with your "designer" frames though (snap! crack! tears.)

Can I order just the lenses?

Yes, we can offer you a new prescription lens set without requiring the purchase of a new frame.
While we don't have that option available on our site at this time, we can offer this workaround:
Please purchase the new prescription pair on our site so that you can select the size, lens style and upload a copy of the prescription.
If it is the same prescription and you don't have a copy of it handy, please leave us a note that you'd like us to use the prescription on file with your previous order #.
Then reply to your new order confirmation email specifying the order is for lenses-only and asking us to apply a refund for the value of the frames ($15). We'll be able to take care of that for you right away!

Why do I need to send a copy of my prescription?

We process every order in California with certified optometry partners, and the Board of Optometry requires that we have a copy of your written prescription from your doctor in order to manufacture your prescription lenses – similar to prescriptions at your local pharmacy or optical office. We also like to double-check that everything is just right before we get your awesome new glasses started!

I have my contact lens prescription. Can I use it to order glasses?

No, prescriptions for contacts and glasses are different. You will need a prescription from your doctor that is specific to glasses.

What are Screen Time Blue Light Blocker Lenses?

Screen Time Blue Light Blocker Lenses, also known as AVN lenses, block harmful blue light rays cause by electronic screens. They protect the eyes from these harmful rays and reduce strain and stress on yours and your child's vision. To learn more about them, review our product description.

What percentage of blue light do the Screen Time glasses block?

Our lenses have been laboratory tested to block over 80% of the most harmful rays that can be emitted by electronic devices - specifically that is light with wavelengths below 420 nanometers. 

Are there any warranties on the prescription lenses?

We guarantee that the prescription glasses you receive will match the prescription you send us, or we will fix it free of charge.

Our prescription lenses do not automatically come with a scratch replacement warranty, but it is available for purchase! When you are purchasing your glasses you will see a few add-ons available to help you build your perfect prescription. Add optional scratch resistance coating (with 1 year / 1 time replacement guarantee), anti-reflective coating, or even a spare frame.

If you need to replace your prescription lenses under warranty, domestic or international shipping charges will apply. We also require that you return the scratched lens set in order to complete the warranty process. You will receive a pre-paid return label with your new lenses to make returning them simple. Simply email us to claim your warranty at

Can I get an insurance reimbursement for my prescription glasses?

While we cannot help you directly to get an insurance claim processed with your vision provider, our standard invoice can act as an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance company if you would like to try. We do no make any claims as to whether or not your insurance carrier will reimburse you the designated allowance for prescription eyewear with this documentation. Please check the terms on your insurance agreement for amounts and in-network vs. out-of-network coverage. We also suggest you contact your carrier first to inquire before purchasing your prescription service. 

Can I use my flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) to pay for my prescription glasses?

Yes! We accept FSA and HSA dollars for all prescription eyewear purchases (prescription glasses, prescription sunglasses, Transitions glasses) as long as your FSA or HSA card is affiliated with a major credit card. You can place an order on our site using your FSA or HSA card as you would any other credit card. If you encounter any issues, please check the balance on your card and double check with your carrier to see if you’re eligible. Otherwise contact with any other questions.

Don’t have a FSA or HSA card? Just use your credit card like normal and then get reimbursed from your FSA/HSA provider. Most will require you to submit a reimbursement form along with a receipt. We’ll include a receipt with your shipping confirmation email as well as a physical copy with your order.

Can you do bifocals and progressive lenses?

Sorry, not currently. To keep pricing affordable, we only offer a single vision prescription fulfillment currently. These types of lenses are more complicated and are best left to an optometrist to make sure measurements and fit are precise. Safety is our top concern, so we do not like to take chances with fit when it comes to kids eyes in particular! However, you can always order our sunglasses and take them to your own optician or optometrist to put in your bifocal or progressive lenses!

Can I return my prescription glasses if I am not satisfied?

We guarantee the quality of the frames and the accuracy of the prescription matching your provided documentation. If the frames are damaged in any way, or become damaged during the normal course of use, our standard replacement guarantee will cover them. If you feel the lenses do not match your prescription, you can send them back at our shipping cost (US only!) and we will make them right. Please note, if your prescription has changed and is different from the document you submitted to us, we cannot be responsible for that correction. It is up to you to make sure the prescription you submit is up to date. If you are not satisfied with the feel/fit of the glasses, we can refund the frames after they are returned to us, but unfortunately, not the corrective lenses as those are custom made for each order.

Please note: for the best fit in prescription eyewear, we highly recommend that you still visit your optometrist to have custom fitted eyewear and lenses. We make no representations or warranties as to the fit and feel of the eyewear – each face is different! If you have particular bifocal needs, this may not be a great product for you. We also recommend that you visit an optician or optometrist to test the fit of your new glasses after purchase – they may be able to make slight adjustments that can help the fit and usefulness of the product.

How do I clean prescription glasses?

We recommend sticking with lukewarm water and microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning your lenses, but if you need something stronger you can use a lens cleaner made for glasses. While you might be tempted to grab the Windex, chemical cleaners can slowly degrade the lens coating on your glasses. That includes polarization, mirrored lens coatings, anti-reflective, and anti-scratch coatings.Can I return my prescription glasses if I am not satisfied?

What is my PD and why do I need it?

PD stands for pupillary distance, which is  the distance between the centers of each eye. While this measurement is not strictly necessary, the docs highly recommend you provide it to make sure that your glasses come out right. Your local optician/optometrist can quickly get that number for you (they may even have it on file for you if you visited them in the past), or you can take a picture at home and send it to us to measure for you.

If your prescription does not include your Pupillary Distance, just call the last place that performed your eye exam to have them measure, or you can do it easily at home by following the directions in the image below. Please email the picture to us at to get a more precise fit!