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Official Blippi Sunglasses & Glasses for Kids

We’re SO EXCITED to be the official licensed partner for Blippi eyewear! Our Blippi sunglasses, screen time glasses, and prescription eyewear are designed just for Blippi super fans, with the perfect fit for both the smallest and tallest fans. Roshambo has partnered with Blippi - and the amazing team at Moonbug Entertainment - to custom design our unbreakable frames in Blippi’s signature bright orange color and logo. Now your little ones can dress up like Blippi while protecting their eyes in this fun eyewear!

Blippi Frames Scientifically Tested & Certified Safe!

If you’re new to the Roshambo Eyewear brand, safety and quality of our Italian made frames is our #1 concern. Since we initially launched our company as a children’s sunglasses brand, we designed our frames with baby in mind, especially baby’s desire to put them in their mouth! Our sunglasses have been laboratory tested BPA free, lead free, latex free, heavy metal free, among many other nasty things! 

We also believe in removing all unnecessary paint in our product as it just winds up in little mouths! We injection dye all of our colors (that is why you will not see patterns or designs on our frames - just solid color). This process locks in all the color into the material so it cannot leach out. We also emboss our logo and the Blippi logo into our molds, so it does not have to be painted on. Our logo is laser etched on our lenses as well. In fact, the only paint on our product is the required "Made in Italy" stamp and product name.

Our company has quickly grown, now with a complete line of sunglasses, Screen Time glasses, and prescription glasses for baby through adult - including these new glasses frames by Blippi eyewear. All of our glasses are safe, durable, flexible, ultra-light and chewable for babies - a standard for all of our products, including our Blippi glasses!

Carbon Neutral E-Commerce Store & USA Assembled

Beyond the product safety standards we demand, we are also a carbon neutral e-commerce store offsetting all of our shipping from our website orders ( Our newly designed Blippi packaging (as well as our standard product packaging) is entirely plastic free and made in the USA. We do our own product assembly in San Diego, California, custom building each pair of Blippi sunglasses to order depending on the polarized lens color - black, blue, chrome, purple or green! We are very proud to say our eco-friendly sunglasses are made in Italy and assembled in the USA.

The ro•sham•bo name: rock, paper, scissors

Our company name, ro•sham•bo, is a reference to the nostalgic game we all grew up playing (aka rock, paper, scissors). It also pays tribute to our charitable support mission: special education teachers have told us that playing ro•sham•bo with children with autism can be a valuable teaching tool when they need a quiet, calming personal interaction. We also have autism in our family, so giving back to our community will always will be a pillar of our business!

Our charitable support mission is to provide glasses to every family that needs them! In 2022, we expanded our charitable donations to include a variety of other children's focused non-profits, notably Gigi's Playhouse (Down syndrome) and Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (childhood cancer), in addition to our historical partner, Surfers Healing (autism).