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Trying on Glasses at Home Before You Buy Them

Did you know you can try on Roshambo glasses without having to actually purchase them first? It's simple! Choose the size range for your child, order the frames to ship to your home, return the kit in 7 days, and then order your favorite frames online.

Roshambo Free Home Try-on Kits

Roshambo Eyewear unlocked the door to convenience with these home frame try-on kits, for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults. By trying on the frames before purchasing glasses online, you can guarantee that you'll have the correct fit for your face! This San Diego-based company designs sunglasses and prescription glasses frames in Italy, to ensure the highest quality and safety for its customers - both tall and small!

How Do the Roshambo Home Try-on Kits Work?

The Roshambo free home try-on kit services help you make sure that you have the correct fitting size and style of frames (and that you love them!) before buying them with your prescription lenses in clear, tinted, polarized or light adaptive lenses. Thus, they make the buying process risk and regret-free. Here's how it works:

1. Choose your try-on kit size: Shop through the various sizes available for for babies, little kids, big kits, teens and adults. Add as many try-on kits as needed to find the perfect fit for your child!

2. Roshambo sends the box to you: Each kit will give you the choice of sizes so you can choose the best fit for you or your child. Consider style and size. And for little ones, you can also try out their ear adjusters and head strap to help get a better fit (if your child is in between sizes).

3. Order your glasses online: Once you've found your perfect match, order your prescription glasses online! Choose from a full rainbow of frame colors. They even have a convenient PD measurement tool in case your eye doctor forgot to include it on your prescription.

4. Choose additional spare frame colors: Swap your glasses to match your outfits! Your child will love having the flexibility to choose their frame color each day. NOTE: Make sure to select the correct size and style to match your glasses!

5. Send the home try-on kit back: Roshambo will provide you with a prepaid return label in the box so all you have to do is send them back! You have 7 days to return them without penalty.

Do You Keep One of the Pairs in the Kit if You Want it?

No, you have to send back the entire kit and order the pair you want separately online so the Roshambo Eye Lab can put in your new lenses for you! The color selection and styles sent to you in the box are strictly for try-on purposes only.

Feel free to check out the Roshambo website if you have any other questions.


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