Roshambo Baby and Toddler Sunglasses Review

Price and Where to Buy: The Roshambo Baby and Toddler Sunglasses are available on Amazon and Roshambo Baby for prices ranging from $20 to $25.

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How the Roshambo Sunglasses Rate

Durability: 10/10

The durability of these kids’ sunglasses are the reason we love them so much. Let’s face it—kids tend to break things. But the Roshambo Baby and Toddler Sunglasses are unbreakable. Toddlers can twist and bend them, babies can shake them and drop them on the ground, adults can even sit on them, but these kids’ sunglasses will stay intact. We tried to break them and it was impossible.

Ease of Use: 9/10

Toddlers and little kids can easily slide these shades on their face with little help from parents. There is also a shades strap and ear adjuster kit available that makes them easy to fit on any small face. The baby shades are recommended for ages 0 to 2,  toddler size for ages 2 to 4, junior size for 5 years old and up, and there are even two sizes available for for adults. A cute and convenient kid-sized sunglasses case is also available.

The Roshambo sunglasses are polarized and block 100 percent of the UVA/B/C rays from the sun, protecting little eyes. The lenses are shatter resistant and have an added glare reduction so seeing while playing at the pool, beach or backyard won’t be slowed down by sun glare. The frames are soft and even safe if kids end up chewing on them. They are BPA-, lead-, latex- and heavy-metal free.

Style and Comfort: 10/10

Kids will feel extra cool and stylish when they’re wearing their Roshambo shades. There are a ton of bright solid and two-tone color shades from which to choose. The mirrored lenses make kids feel even more like Hollywood stars while wearing them—get ready to take some selfies! Because they’re sized specifically for children, they also easily stay on little faces and won’t easily fall off.

Roshambo baby and toddler sunglasses; Courtesy of Family Vacation Critic

Final Verdict

The Roshambo Baby and Toddler Sunglasses are cool, protective, unbreakable and affordably priced. We say—rock, paper, scissors—buy these awesome baby and toddler sunglasses!


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