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How to Choose the Correct Size Glasses for a Child Before Buying Online

Have you ever noticed that some children with glasses have little indents on the sides of their noses? Maybe your child complains about pain behind the ears when wearing their glasses.

Both of these concerns are common problems with poorly fitting glasses. A good pair of children's glasses should properly distribute pressure across the head width, ears, and nose. How do you pick the appropriate frame size for your child’s glasses online?

Shopping for glasses online without a store assistant to assist you or the ability to try on each pair to see how they appear can be a little scary; however, there are some key measurements you can check at home.  Free home try-on frames can also help you decide on the ideal size and style!

How to Find the Perfect Frame Size for Your Child

All glasses frames include information regarding frame measurements. These measurements are sometimes displayed on the inside of the arms, but they may also be placed on the inside of the nose piece or provided online in a size chart.

The most important glasses size measurements to determine a great fit for your child will typically be the lens width, DBL (bridge width), and the temple length. These numbers may be displayed on some frames in a three-digit series, such as 53-20-140. In this post, we'll discuss these numbers as 'A-B-C' to make things easier!

The first number “A” represents the lens's width at its widest point (measured in millimeters). When looking for the right fit for your child, you would want to see their eye centered in the lens width area. Too far to the middle means the glasses are too large, for example.

The bridge width is the second number, or 'B' in the pattern. This is the distance between the two lenses (DBL) – the component that goes on top of your nose. The bridge should sit securely without pinching or falling down. When a child is in between sizes, ear adjusters or head straps can be helpful if the frames are sliding down or too loose.

Lastly, 'C' is the length of the glasses' arms, or the temple length. The arms should fit comfortably along the sides of the head and reach just behind the ear. The tips of the arms should curve close to the back of the ear for a snug fit. Again if your child is in between sizes, a soft silicone ear piece can be slipped on to the arm and help keep the glasses on while they grow into a size.

Roshambo Eyewear provides free frame try on kits so you can try on their children's prescription frames before making a purchase. They also provide their ear adjusters and head strap so you can see how they will work with your child. They offer glasses sizes for babies, toddlers, children, teens and adults and their recommendations for frame size based on age are:

Choosing the Right Eyeglass Size

You’ll know you have a great pair of glasses when:

  • The child’s eyes are in the middle of the lens opening of the frame.

  • The temples are long enough to stretch beyond the ears, allowing the ends to be adjusted to fit the head's curve behind the ears for a comfortable and secure fit.

  • The frame's weight is evenly distributed across the nose bridge.

  • Without any substantial pressure or huge gap between the child's head and the frame, the frame's temples softly touch (or nearly touch) the sides of the head.

  • Your child should be able to look down at the floor or bend forward without having their glasses slip off their face or move into a different position.

A Great Pair of Glasses with all the Bells and Whistles

Because of their custom nature, most sales are final when it comes to purchasing prescription glasses so it’s  critical to make sure you have the right fit before purchasing.  Another valuable offering to look for when purchasing children’s glasses online is a warranty or guarantee with your frames. Some companies offer a free replacement if your frames break within the first year of use, so be on the lookout for that value add!


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