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How do I swap my prescription lenses?

Because Roshambo frames are so flexible and durable, you can easily swap out your prescription lenses and put them into another spare frame color. Your kiddos are going to love having the option to coordinate with their outfits!

IMPORTANT: When swapping your prescription lenses into a new frame, make sure to put them in the same order as you took them out. We mark them: Red on the Right

Bending the Frames

If it's hard to pop in your lenses, you can put your frames in hot water (boiling ok!) to soften them before putting in lenses. This is also a great trick for reshaping your frames if they get stretched out.

Our frames are slightly malleable in nature, so stretching can occur if bent for prolonged periods. You can easily bend the bridge, arms and ear pieces to adjust your fit to be a little tighter or looser. Don't worry, you can't break them (or we'll replace them)!

Check Your Lenses

It's never a bad idea to have your new lenses checked by your optician for accuracy, especially for babies and little ones who can't self report an issue. Most opticians will check for free! We have an outstanding accuracy record, but peace of mind is worth the time.

Swapping Your Lenses

First pop out your old lenses by pushing from the back of the lens and bend the frames a little if needed. Then to put in your new lenses, start from the front outer edge by the temple and work your way towards the bridge of your glasses. Again, you can stretch the frames a little to pop them in.

Order as many spare frame colors as you want (make sure in the same size and style!) for as little as $20 and you can have a pair of glasses for every outfit or mood! So fun and unique!

Ear Adjusters & Head Strap

Our head strap and ear adjuster kit comes with two options to get the perfect fit for your child’s glasses! The universal head strap and ear adjusters are both made with a comfy, stretchy, light, and easily detachable clear silicone material that is perfect for baby and toddler size glasses. We also have a new line of baby prescription glasses with integrated strap.

HEAD STRAP: The head strap will help keep glasses on your child’s face to prevent losing them or sliding off during playtime. The strap has hollow tips on each end, which slide right onto the end of the arms. It will tuck right behind your child’s ears and under the lower part of their head, towards the nape of their neck. 

EAR ADJUSTERS: Our kids' ear adjuster pieces help create a better fit on infants or toddlers growing into a larger size. These ear adjusters help tighten up the fit of the sunglasses arms, and slide up the arm of the glasses on each side. It should tuck behind your child’s ear if the arm is too long and the glasses are sliding off their face.

SLIP GRIP: We also offer our slip grips for older children as an additional option to tighten a fit, so they won't slip, bounce, or fall off during playtime or sports. They only need to slide over the ends of arms to rest behind your ear.


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