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How Do I Know When My Child Has Outgrown Their Prescription Glasses?

If you're the parent of a child who wears prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses, you've probably wondered whether your son or daughter has outgrown their frames.

It can be hard to know when your child has outgrown their glasses, especially if they wear them all the time or have been wearing them for some time.

But there are certainly signs that your child has grown beyond their current prescription glasses. Here are five signs that your child has outgrown their current prescription glasses.

Headaches That Are Attributed To Their Glasses

In most cases, when your child complains of headaches that are being attributed to their glasses, it's probably not due to wearing glasses at all.

But if they wear their glasses without fail, it might be a good idea to have your child visit an optometrist for a re-evaluation.

It's possible their prescription has changed, or they have outgrown their current prescription due to wear and tear of the lenses. A re-evaluation is also recommended if their vision becomes noticeably blurry without their glasses on.

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Eye Strain, Irritation, Redness, Or Discharge In Your Child's Eyes

Some of the most common signs your child needs new glasses are eye strain, irritation, redness, or discharge. Unfortunately, many parents don't notice these symptoms because their child's eyeglasses are comfortable, and they never remove them.

The good news is that an optometrist can easily diagnose these issues with a quick exam. Most likely, your child will need new prescription lenses to see well again.

It's not uncommon for children to outgrow their prescription eyeglasses in just a few months! So, if you're seeing any of these symptoms in your child's eyes, schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Loose, Broken, Or Chipped Lenses

The first sign your child may have outgrown their prescription glasses is if any of their lenses are loose, broken, or chipped. In most cases, vision changes slowly, and you can often continue to use prescription glasses for some time after your eyesight has changed.

You can check for loose or broken pieces by holding an intact lens up to a light and looking through it from different angles—if you see any cracks around its edge, that lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You can also take them to your ophthalmologist for inspection.

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Frames Don't Fit Their Face Properly

If your child's frames are ill-fitting for their face, it may be a sign that they have outgrown their glasses. Frames that fit too loosely can cause discomfort and headaches over time, especially since children tend to be more active than adults.

If your child is constantly fidgeting with or adjusting their glasses, they may be in need of a new pair. You should also check to see if your child's frames interfere with normal activities like eating or breathing—if so, then it's likely that they do not fit properly.

Ill-fitting frames may even increase chances of injury due to slip-and-fall accidents caused by bigger frame size getting in the way of movement.

Roshambo Eyewear offers free at home trial kits to try on our 5 sizes and various styles to find that perfect fit. A well fitted pair of glasses should sit up on the nose bridge and center or be close to centering the eyes in the frame. Roshambo also offers ear adjusters and a strap that can help adjust that fit just a bit if your child is inbetween sizes. Confidence in placing an online order for prescription kids glasses starts with trying the sizes on at home yourself.

Roshambo sends free sizing kits to make sure your child has a perfect fit

When their prescription changes

According to optometrists, when a child's prescription changes by as little as +0.50 diopters, it may be time for new glasses. Kids tend to be very sensitive to changes in their vision, and even minor adjustments can be enough of a difference to prompt a visit to an eye doctor or optician.

The best way to know if your child needs new glasses is simple—ask them! If they complain about blurriness, double vision, or have trouble focusing on things at certain distances, give their eyes a thorough examination and make sure their prescription is up-to-date.


If you’re ever in doubt about whether your child has outgrown their prescription glasses, simply sit them down and ask them to read something from a normal book. If they cannot read comfortably, it’s probably time for an eye exam.  Roshambo Eyewear will be ready when you are to get them their new favorite pair of glasses! They’ll thank you for it later!


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