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Celebrate Earth Day with Kindness Rocks

This year, as we socially distance ourselves from our friends, family, and community, we will be celebrating Earth Day a little differently. But there is so much you can do from home and in teaching your family about what Earth Day means. One way we are celebrating Earth Day this year is with Kindness Rocks!

What are kindness rocks?

Kindness rocks have been around before this quarantine time, but they have been kicked into high gear as we all work together to stay home and stay healthy. Basically kindness rocks are painted rocks and stones with inspirational messages and sayings. People place them in their yards - or even in their friend's yards - so they can spread positive feelings! The intention of kindness rock painting is to spread kindness and love to people around the world.

  • Make sure that you seal your rocks after painting them. You want them to survive as long as they can outside in the sun and rain!

  • Never glue embellishments to rocks you plan on hiding. While they are beautiful, these additions are terrible for the environment and the animals. 

  • Place your rocks in open spaces, not in places that will disturb nature or ruin a lawnmower. 



1.  Find the perfect rock.

You want a large smooth rock so you have plenty of room for your painting and message. The beach is a great place for rocks (if you can do a quick walk by) or even in your own backyard!

2. Prep the rocks.

Make sure you wash your rocks to get rid of any dirt and slime on them. Let them dry in the sun a few hours. It'll make the paint stick so much better!

I usually base coat with white paint so the colors you put on top of it really pop, but you can also just do a first coat in the same color you plan on painting the rock. You want it to be nice and thick to really show off your design!

4. Paint your rocks.

Paint them with another coating of paint. Almost like an Easter egg: solids, stripes, polka dots, tie dye, swirls, you name it!

5. Add an inspirational message.

Think of some positive messages you and your family would like to share with others in your neighborhood. Doesn't have to be just related to COVID, but messages like "smile" or "be happy" help people remember just how lucky we are to have a nice sunny day to go on a walk, or a healthy household. :) Use a Sharpie marker for longer messages (might be easier than painting the words).

6. Seal your rocks.

If you plan on hiding your rocks outside, make sure you use a clear spray to seal the paint and protect from the rain or sun damage. They'll really shine up too! You only need to spray the top where you painted and let dry completely.

7. Spread the love!

Take a family walk and drop off your rocks in neighbors gardens or in your own rock gardens at your house. Some people may already have rocks in their landscaping so that is a perfect place to put one of your special rocks!


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