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Customer Spotlight: Baby with Albinism Seeing for the First Time

We receive so many heartwarming stories from parents sharing their excitement for their child's new glasses. It truly melts our hearts hearing them and makes us feel so happy to know that we could help in a small way, especially for the parents dealing with unique or challenging eye conditions with their child. That's why we do it!

When we started our prescription program in 2018, we didn't realize just how big this program would become and how many little ones we could help! We are proud to continue to provide glasses for as low as $69 to families needing durable, flexible, lightweight prescription glasses.

We recently got this video from our customer, Andrea, of her son putting on his glasses for the first time... it is so amazing to watch his little face light up once his vision is clear through the lenses! We wanted to share her story about her son, Arrow's, eye condition because we know many parents may be dealing with the same thing. Thank you Andrea and Arrow for sharing! 


"We knew this little buddy, Arrow, was super unique the moment he was born. We saw his wild white hair and sweet soft pale skin, a very different look from his twin brother, Sonny.

We had questions about his eyes because he didn’t open them larger than slits and for longer than a moment for a couple weeks after we brought him home from the hospital. Once he was able to open them, they were roaming all over and doing a little dance back and forth.

At 2 months old, we took him to an ophthalmologist, where it was confirmed that he had albinism and the dance his eyes were doing is called nystagmus. We then went to a geneticist to get him typed so we would know what to anticipate for his vision challenges in the future.

It took 9 weeks to get the results and our special little babe has OCA Type 1 (oculocutaneous albinism, meaning a lack of pigment in the eyes and skin. He also has the awesome white hair... and type 1 is the most extreme). It is very rare... 1 in 40,000 people.

We learned that he has very poor vision, called low vision (20/700 is his acuity; fully sighted vision is 20/20), which means he can’t see details beyond 8” from his face. Additionally, he is not able to see fine details when objects are really close. At nearly 1 year old, Arrow finally got his prescription from the ophthalmologist and we are so thankful for his glasses - he can finally see us! 

People ask if my babies are twins because of how different they look, and when I say “they sure are” the response is “wow.. they look soooooo different”. And they do... cause they are... and it’s amazing!  Andrea"

Read another happy customer spotlight on Nick Smith (the world's smallest man!) and his experience trying to find prescription glasses that finally fit him. In a year of tough times and struggles for many families, it is nice to share a happy story!


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