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5 Ideas for Screen-Free Family Time

5 Screen-Free Activities for Kids

Most modern families want a little less screen-time, and we're here to help you get some ideas. But we're also here to provide you and your family with blue light filter glasses because screen time should still be safe for your eyes.

1. Go to a zoo or museum

Visiting a museum or zoo with your kids is a great way to get your children out of the house, moving their feet and learning, all while they think they’re seeing interesting animals and artifacts. Bringing your children to museums will help create a love of history and learning from a young age, and taking your kids to visit a zoo will teach them about biodiversity, animal conservation and even geography! While you can leave the tech screens at home, don't forget the most important screen: sunscreen!


2. Get creative with arts and crafts

Bring your kids to a local crafts store and let them pick out something they want to make, color, paint or draw. This will allow you an opportunity to bond with your children while they create something meaningful to them and will also improve your child’s fine motor skills, self esteem, patience and coordination, among many additional benefits that come from having a creative outlet from a young age. Arts and crafts are also ideal for families with multiple children because one child can be painting and another can be playing with Play-Doh at the same table, and Mom and Dad can spend time with both.


3. See a local sports game

Whether you live in a large city or a small town, seeing your home team’s game can be a great way to spend an afternoon or evening out with the kids. Parents and kids can bond while cheering for together, and parents get the opportunity to create a mutual interest with their kids while learning the rules of a game and the history of the team and its players. This may encourage children to try a new sport next season, or even reinvigorate a love for a sport they already play. If you live in a large city, tickets for professional teams may be easy to come by, but can also be pricey. However, if you go to a minor league or collegiate game, the outing will be less expensive, and there is a higher likelihood that your kids will be able to meet the athletes after the game! Who knows, you may even find yourself struck by inspiration. We had the idea for our baby sunglasses at a baseball game with friends when our friends' baby kept squinting at the sun!


4. Family mealtime

Frequent family meals have been proven to save families money, improve children’s social skills and relationships with their parents, and are associated with healthier body weights in children and a higher likelihood for them to try new foods. However, parents can also benefit from family meals as well. When parents socialize with their families over a meal (and away from their text messages, social media accounts and emails), they report lower body weights and reduced stress, as well. Practicing mindful eating can benefit your whole family - and you can all reap the additional benefits of family meal time detailed in this guide below.

5. Have regular game nights

For days when the weather inhibits outdoor activities, or nights when the family wants to relax together, playing games together are a way to unwind and socialize with your kids in a lighthearted setting. From board games and cards to charades and dominoes, there are countless games that will get you and your kids away from phones, computers and televisions and have everyone laughing together and connecting with each other. Make sure your home has a space perfect for these kind of family events. If needed, consider updating your family room furniture to insure it’s always comfortable and inviting.


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