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growing pains (not the kirk cameron kind) & celebrities (reese witherspoon and ac slater!)

hi’ers! julia and i have been busy trying to get this stylish baby sunglasses company off to the races, which is easier said than done when you are working full time at your “normal” job, as both of us are, and one of you is 7 months pregnant (i’ll let you guess which one)!

we finally got the site launched, but not without difficulties, frustration, and stress. as you may have noticed, we had a heckuva time getting the credit card payment situated, leaving customers with no option but to use paypal for a while. we also are having difficulties getting our mobile interface and check out platform working, which is doing nothing for scott’s receding hair line.

we still have a ways to go to get it where we want it: we need to update product shots, work through shipping logistics, pricing, supplier costs (we would love to drive down our cost with increased production volume so we can pass that on to you guys!), social media tie-ins, and general site appearance (we want to change the landing banner and some basic functionality to make it easier to navigate and check out) and many, many, many other tiny little things that you never think of before you have to do it. if you guys have any comments or suggestions on the site, please do not hesitate to email me them! the good news is, we still have a perfect track record of getting orders out next day! thanks to our early customers and social media supporters, you make it all worth it!!

but who cares about that stuff, let’s get to the celebrities! we are so confident in our product here, that we have been on a mission to get it in the hands of some celebrities with babies. if it’s good enough for our soon-to-be-born baby, then it’s good enough for [insert your fave celebrity here]‘s too!!! so far, we have been right! we have recently gotten glowing endorsements from some awesome celebrity moms, including these two today alone:

from reese witherspoon’s personal assistant (who called us personally to thank us, she said that reese had her call because the sunglasses were “probably the cutest things they’d seen”): “i have to tell you, we get a lot of packages, and these are really freaking cute.”

via tweet from courtney lopez, wife of mario lopez, a.k.a ac slater himself: “omg @roshambobaby! love dominic’s t & glasses!! thank you!”

to recap, we got an endorsement from elle woods (legally blonde) and ac slater in the same day!! for an 80′s baby, this is pretty close to the top of the mountain!! more to come hopefully, too, we have sent to other celeb babies, including kim&kanye, channing tatum, jessica  simpson, and many more. hopefully you’ll start to see us popping up soon in the likes of us weekly and ok! and you’ll be able to say your baby had the best celebrity baby sunglasses in the world first!!

we’ve also been getting some love on baby blogs, including pregnancy&baby’s hatch blog giving our baby sunglasses a nod as a top unique baby shower gifts (,’s kid candy ( and cool mom picks for our saved by the bell t (

keep an eye out for us on social media and please help spread the word about us and our cause supporting autism research.

as always, remember: little people deserve big people shades.


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